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I was born in the city of Edmonton, Alberta where the Oilers and Wayne Gretzky would be remembered for their “Golden Era” in NHL history. Citizens were proud of being “Edmontonians” and they showed their patriotism by hanging team flags in/outside their homes and wearing Oiler merchandise to work and school. My dad was indeed one of many proud fans and hung his jersey to support his team. Nevertheless, I have never experienced the hockey fever of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals myself.

Hockey has always been the most watched game in Canada and many even claim that “Hockey is Canada’s Game”. Especially when the Canadian Men’s Hockey Team won the Gold Medal in the Olympic Games last year that heightened the heat of hockey in Canada as well as in Vancouver.

Turning to Vancouver, I’ve been to many Canuck games myself. The franchise has only reached the NHL Finals twice and have never came back with “hockey’s holy grail”. The Canucks would make it to the playoffs and were a good team but they weren’t really considered contenders yet. During 2010-2011 season, they finished with the NHL’s best record and therefore earning the President’s Trophy. However, as everyone knows… the playoffs is like a whole new season. I’ve actually never really considered myself a die-hard ‘Nucks fan. There have been times where I would cheer them on because they definitely represent the face of Canada in hockey more or less. Other times, the chance of them being crowned the champs seemed nearly impossible as they always failed to make it to the Finals during my lifetime. Besides, I bought my first hockey jersey as the Ducks had just went on to win the cup in 2007. So, I officially became a fan and have been loyal to them since then. Seemingly, I’m not much of a band wagon guy. Win or lose, I’m still going to stick with my team.

Now when Canucks finally return to the NHL Finals, the hockey atmosphere in BC this year has been especially vibrant. From team flags on cars to fan celebrations in the downtown street, hockey has really changed our society and brought all of us together. Whether you follow hockey regularly or not, the emergence of the Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals has become the buzzing of our society. Tied 2-2 in a series, this is still anyone’s game!

Is This The Year?

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