TALONS stands for ‘The Academy of Learning for Outstanding Notable Students’. This is a program for those students for whom regular classes are not enough. TALONS is program for people who think differently, who want to be challenged and not simply be taught to regurgitate information. This blog is titled ‘Defying Normality’, and this explains the purpose of the TALONS program quite well – we are different, and proud of it. To learn a little more about us, see our About Us page.

All of us have our own blogs, and many of us have been blogging for a year. Recently, we decided to start a class blog, and use it as a place to write as a class, and to publicize the best posts of individuals. This blog won’t be about anything in particular, and I can almost guarantee that we will publish posts on topics ranging from idle musings on the flight of a butterfly to historical diatribe. Our blog will be varied and colourful, so keep checking so you never miss a thing!


  1. Welcome to the blog-o-shere. I look forward to learning from your class!

  2. Can’t wait to read what you all have to say! Congratulations on the new blog.

    Mr. C
    Noel Elementary

  3. Congratulations on your class blog, I look forward to your posts.

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  5. I look forward to meeting some of you in person soon!

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