Everything’s better when it’s not real – Julie

Everything sounds better as a poem. Even ending relationships are
easier to do in a poem.

My dearest Steve,

As the day turns to darkness
I realize our relationship has shifted far from flawless
As the day turns to morrow
My mind is filled with thoughts of sorrow

It’s not the heart of yours but the soul of mine
Unfortunately my love did not grow over time
Twas a hatred that grew in the fire of my belly
A hatred for Jersey Shore on the telly

Thy breath smelled of sweaty underpants and profanity
For it created horrific insanity
As my mind is on this subject
A few more items enter my mind in which I must object

Thy breath is fragrant of Mickey D’s
Thy face is chubby and belly is tubby
Foul odors grace more than your lips
They linger through your hair, butt and armpits

Your Mother is awful and smells like mothballs
She’s fat and hairy yet only 5 feet tall
Your Father is old and rude
His humour is quite obnoxious and as is his attitude

My disliking for you is grand and boisterous
I’m sorry to say there will no longer be an us
The sun is setting
The curtains are closing
Our relationship is ending

To be fair, I’ve had a blast
I really wish this could’ve last
I’m sorry but really…
You are a two and I am a ten
This is the last you’ll ever hear from me again

Breaking up is much easier in a poem…

One Comment:

  1. Love this, Julie – so many great turns of language and succinct details to build your narrative into a poem. The ending packs a punch: “You are a two and I am a ten / this is the last you’ll ever hear from me again.”

    Reminds me of (one of) my favourite Bob Dylan song(s), “Positively Fourth Street” (one of the best breakup songs/poems in popular music), with the invincible last stanzas:

    “I wish that for just one time
    You could stand inside my shoes
    And just for that one moment
    I could be you.

    “Yes, I wish that for just one time
    You could stand inside my shoes
    You’d know what a drag it is
    To see you.”

    Here’s the whole thing: http://youtu.be/LMjJIRZk1K8

    Great poetry-post!

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