The Forbidden Phoenix -Clayton

Yesterday both the TALONS morning and afternoon classes participated in a fieldtrip to Richmond’s Gateway Theater to watch a play named “The Forbidden Phoenix.” Although things may not have gone as smoothly as they could’ve been time wise, the play was still pretty good.

We started the day off at 9:00 by loading up the bus, and driving off to Richmond. An hour and a half later we arrived at Garden Plaza in Richmond to eat lunch. While waiting until the food was prepared, we waited and generally had a good time while waiting at Blenz coffee.

At 11:30 students finally started to receive their lunches. The distribution of lunch took nearly 30 minutes to distribute all the food. This was a problem. We were supposed to start on our way to the Gateway Theater at 12:00. Although it was a struggle for everyone to eat quickly and head to the bus, we still arrived on time.

When we arrived at the theater, there were the staff there waiting with smiles on their faces, and snacks set out for the guests. While heading into the theater, it was an interesting experience. I know I was excited to see the play. The play promptly started. It was full of intense action sequences, exciting music, and exciting drama.

Overall the day was a success. I’m sure every single TALONS student enjoyed it. I certainly did, and I know that I’m definitely willing to go to the gateway theater again.

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