Why Read? -Aman and Lexi

People always ask why I read.
I usually tell them that I enjoy it. Sometimes I get asked, “Even if it’s a really sad book?”

I wish I would reply with, “Even when it’s sad because it’s still an escape. Reading any genre of book lets me get away from life, no matter what. It creates an alternate universe for me where I’m not myself, and I can be someone else. It lets me escape from anything I want to escape from because it’s not my life. I live someone else’s life for awhile and that is wonderful because it helps me get away from all of my trouble. Reading makes me feel good because it shows me that other people have troubles and sometimes they are worse than mine. Reading sad books also make me appreciate my life and all that is in it. I realize that, wow; I do have a good life and I should cherish all that I have. I read because it helps me and I love it.”

Instead I usually reply with, “It doesn’t matter if it’s sad because it still makes me feel good.” Needless to say, they don’t get it.

At all.

I get why some people don’t understand because sometimes I don’t even understand myself. There is so much more to reading than what I put down here, and for everyone it’s different. For some an escape and for some it’s a reality. As long as reading makes people feel good and they enjoy it.
Reading has touched so many peoples’ lives from giving them a new perspective on life, giving new learning experiences, and giving the reader a getaway. All reading does is give. Examples of authors that have touched peoples’ lives with their books are J.K Rowling, Lurlene Mcdaniel, V.C. Andrews and many more. Even poets can change someone’s life. Reading touches peoples souls and lets them live and experience things they never could in reality.


  1. Maybe it isn’t so much an escape from your life, but a way to share in the adventures of someone else’s life. Living vicariously through characters allow us to share experiences without having to live them out ourselves. For example, wandering with Bilbo Baggins is great as long as the orcs aren’t really attacking us.

    • That’s definitely true as well. It allows you to have adventure without experiencing the danger or the ever-pending doom. I totally agreed.

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