A Fresh Perspective on the Northwest

Join us for a wonderful adventure looking at how time has changed our perspective on history.


Introduction- Hosts Marie and Cheslie invite guests Devon and Max to cover people’s shifting perspectives on the Metis, Hudson’s Bay Company and Louis Riel.
Act 1– Marie and Cheslie post questions about the Hudson’s Bay Company to invited guest Devon Findley


Act 2– Max Pang explains and answers questions about the Metis


Act 3– Cheslie and Marie talk about people’s perspectives on Louis Riel

Conclusion- Restating main ideas and giving thanks


Les Michell from the Metis Society in Fraser Valley for letting us interview him!

Anamanaguchi for making good music that we used!

Production Music, for remaking some vintage songs that we used!

Clint Mansell, form making the song Lux Aeterna, a song that we used!

-Cheslie, Devon, Max, Marie

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