Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson was the American president during the first world war. He was born in Virginia during the year 1856 and died in February 4th in the year the 1924. He won election in 1912 with 42% of the vote. During the World war his slogan was ”He kept us out of war” and was reelected in 1916. However after the discovery of the Zimmerman telegraph which was a message from Germany to the Mexicans asking them to declare war on America and the sinking of the Lusitania a commercial ship sunk by German U-boats Woodrow Wilson asked congress for a deceleration of war in the year 1917 April 2nd. What Woodrow Wilson was most famous for however was his fourteen points which he gave at congress in January 1918 and was the terms in which Germany and the triple entrant signed an armistice. His fourteen points were based around the idea that governments should be able to make their own decisions that that everyone was given equal rights to live where they want and to be governed by whom they wanted. He was a pioneer in politics in his time campaigning for every one to have the chance for a Republic and to have the right to decide what happens. I chose him because I am fascinated with politics and how the world works and he was a very advanced person for his time which makes me want to learn more about how he was raised and what made him the person he was.

Wilson was married two times first to Ellen Louise Axson who was an extremely smart and talented artist. The two of them had three daughters. However Wilson had an affair while on a trip to Bermuda but the pair of them moved on from that incident. Ellen died in Wilson’s first year of office from kidney disease. A few months after his wives death he met a women named Edith Bolling Galt  and by late December 1915 the two were married. Wilson trusted Edith with codes allowing her access to confidential war documents and allowed her to sit in many of his meetings in the oval office . After Wilson had his second stroke in October 1919 Edith hid how severe his illness was and started to make decisions for him, because of this Edith is considered to be the first female president.

His fourteen points were as follows


1. No more secret agreements

2. Free navigation of all seas

3. An end to economic barriers between countries

4.Countries should lower weapon numbers

5. All decisions between colonies should be impartial

6. The German army must be removed from Russia

7.Belgium should be independent

8. France should be fully liberated

9.All Italians should be allowed to live in Italy

10.Self -determination should be allowed for everyone living in Austria-Hungary

11. Self-determination should be allowed to all Balkan states

12.The Turkish people should be governed by Turkish government

13.An independent  Poland should be created

14. A league of Nations should be set up to guarantee the political and territorial independence of all states

During the Treaty of Versailles instead of wanting Germany to be overly punished he wanted  to keep the punishment to a minimum and try remove American soldiers and influence from Europe.

One of his greatest achievements apart from helping win the war was receiving the Nobel Peace prize in May 5th. He received the war for starting a League of Nations which was supposed to be a sort of UN. He created the league of nations to make sure that peace was ensured after the war ended. However the American senate did not allow America to enter the League of Nations and it thus never became a real organization.

He also signed the 19th amendment of the American constitution which gave women the right to vote. In fact when the women rights movement was starting he actively supported their cause and with members of the senate fought and won the right for women to vote.






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