Talons Hunger Games, Part 3 – Chelsea/Sean

Ok, so if you’re reading Part 3 then not only are you awesome, but you probably realise that this contains blood and death and violence. Not a lot mind you, I’m not morbid, but it’s The Hunger Games, so there is some. Also, I don’t own this. I mean, I can’t legally own any of these people, nor do I own the story. That belongs to Suzanne Collins . Anyway, I hope you … enjoy. For lack of a better word. 

“What was that?” Chelsea glanced up, dropping the berries she had been collecting for the last 10 minutes.

“Chelsea, you dropped the berries. And it’s almost night time; we need to get high up.” Sean leaned down and began to help Chelsea picking up the berries. Chelsea sighed. She hated being here. She probably would have ended up dying if it hadn’t been for Sean grabbing her hand and herding her away from the Cornucopia. She still had no idea why, but he did and that was that.

Chelsea climbed up the tree, searching for a place to stay. Sean climbed close behind, trying not to look down. He didn’t know why he had saved Chelsea, but he had. Shaking his head, Sean called up to Chelsea that he had found a branch. Swinging sideways, Sean landed on the branch and pressed himself against the trunk, closing his eyes and listening for any noises. Instead, the anthem played and Sean blinked and looked up at the darkened sky.

Chelsea shivered, studying the faces of the people who had died. Tyler, Emily, Galen, Leanne, Kim, Toren, Duncan. Chelsea closed her eyes, feeling suddenly overwhelmed by the realization that one of her best friends in the world, Leanne, was dead. Tears began to run down her face, so much so that she almost didn’t even hear the crack of branches or the shift of leaves. Whipping her head around, Chelsea clenched her hands into fists and scanned the area. With a sudden movement, Sean landed on the branch beside Chelsea.

“I saw Leanne.” He murmured. “I’m really sorry.”

“It’s not like you were the one who killed her.” Chelsea replied.

“Yeah, but I’m still sorry.”

Chelsea nodded, feeling blank inside remembering Leanne. All the times they had hung out together, laughed together, everything.

“Stay here. Please.” Chelsea  blinked, gripping Sean’s arm in a tight grip.

“Of course.” He replied, and sat down on the branch, looking out over the treetops. “Why don’t you sleep. I’ll take first watch.”

Chelsea nodded dully and closed her eyes, wishing for the days before she had to worry. Before death was a promise and not something you shoved to the back of your mind and forgot about. Before Leanne died.

Morning came with Sean shaking Chelsea awake, gently. She blinked a few times, trying to remember what was happening. When it hit her, she just wanted to close her eyes and sleep again. Maybe forever. But Sean wouldn’t let her. He had packed up all their stuff and stuck it inside the bag and was now just waiting for Chelsea.

She climbed down the tree and began to walk alongside Sean, wondering if maybe, just maybe, she could find Immy. And then, they could band together and convince the others to stop the death. To stop the killing and the hate.

They continued walking and before she knew it, Chelsea and Sean found themselves in the maze of ancient ruins, far beyond the forest they had slept in the night before.

“Let’s look around. There wasn’t any water in the forest. They must have some here.” Sean coaxed Chelsea forward, and she was just about to begin walking again before an arm wrapped itself around her and yanked her backwards. Screaming, she crashed to the ground and tried to leap up and see what was going on before Sean’s face clouded her vision looking visibly shaken.

“Oh my God, Chels. I’m sorry, but look at what you were about to walk into.” Chelsea sat up and looked forward, fascinated to see a large pool of what looked like lava. Beyond it was a second pool filled with a smoking liquid that reminded Chelsea of liquid nitrogen and a third that appeared to be liquid metal.

“Gamemakers.” Sean hissed through his teeth, glaring at the pools, shaking his head.

Chelsea thought it was rather ingenious, but she didn’t say so. Instead she stood up and looked around.

“I think … I think I hear water, Sean.” She blinked, turning to her companion with surprise.

“It’s just the-“

“No, listen. It’s all echoey and … water-y.”

Sean frowned then shrugged. “It’s not as if there’ll just be a random pool there, the arena is a lot more random than that.”

Instead of listening, Chelsea took Sean’s hand and began leading him through the maze, all the while listening carefully. Just as she was beginning to lose hope in herself and the entire idea of ever surviving, she turned a corner and found a huge room with an enormous pool right in the centre.  Chelsea turned to Sean in glee and was just about to run in when the look crossed his face again and he grabbed her and pulled her back behind a large slab of rock. Seconds later, a figure went running forward.

“Immy!” Chelsea cried out. Sean clamped his hand over her mouth, but Immy had heard her.

“Chelsea? Chels, where are you?” Immy whipped around and for a second their eyes met, and Immy’s face lit up with recognition before it froze and Immy fell forward, an arrow stuck in her body, blood beginning to drip from it. Jonny stepped forward and pulled the deadly weapon from Immy’s lifeless body. He unscrewed the cap form a bottle and poured its contents all over the arrow.

“Water!” Sean hissed. “It must be clean if he has it in a bottle! If only we could get in there!” But Chelsea wasn’t listening. She had just watched one of her best friends die. Right before her eyes. Sean seemed to realise, and he was about to console her when Jonny’s head turned and looked directly at them.

“RUN, CHELSEA.” Sean commanded, and she leapt up and began to run. Together, they shot forward, both trying to find somewhere to hide.

“UP THAT WALL. HE’S GAINING, QUICKLY.” Sean ran forward and flung himself at the wall, Chelsea following behind in quick pursuit. Together, they climbed up and tried to run away, only to realise that they were trapped on the roof. On one side was Jonny, clasping a knife in his teeth and beginning to heave himself up the side of the wall and on the other side…

“ The lava.” Sean turned to Chelsea, wide-eyed and gripping her hand with such ferocity that little red marks appeared.

“Sean, you can fight. I know you can. I, on the other hand, learned that two of my best friends just died. One, right before my eyes by the boy who’s coming to kill me as well.” Chelsea let go of Sean’s hand calmly, turned and walked towards the edge of the building. Just as she was about to jump over, a hand grabbed her own and she turned.

“We both jump.” Sean corrected. Chelsea nodded very slightly and turned forward.

“One … Two … Three.”

Seconds later, two cannons exploded, and 12 remained.

The Con’s of Facebook -Christina

There are many things that I think lead us to spending sometimes precious time on Facebook. To list a few, there is the news feed, the applications and chat to keep you entertained for a good amount of time.

I think that the main factor is the news feed. Due to human nature, we will always long to feel wanted or included in a group. With the mass amount of friends one has on Facebook, even if whatever is on the news feed is uninteresting, it feels as if the people featured on the news feed are speaking directly to you. If somebody has posted a link from YouTube that ended up on the news feed you could watch it, and then click a related video, and then another, and suddenly an hour has passed by.

In addition to the ever-so-addicting news feed, there are those applications that can keep a person occupied for a long time, depending on the application. Perhaps you have decided to see why Farmville is so popular, or want to play with an image on Picnik; the possibilities with an application is endless. Suddenly, you find yourself committed to a game that you were “just trying out” and you can’t leave it because of a silly time limit inside the game.

Assume you have added a classmate on Facebook; you know that your classmate is working on the same assignment as you, and decide that even though you do not really talk to he or she that often, they added you on Facebook so you’re entitled to the right to chat with them, right? As soon as you send your greeting, you have to continue the conversation to avoid being rude and logging off. Even when you try and continue working on your assignment, you constantly hear the “blip” sound that notifies you of a new message, thus losing your train of thought replying to the message.

Without these features, Facebook would be much less appealing and thus less of a distraction. However, Facebook is also an effective way to keep in touch with far away friends and relatives. My only advice to those who can’t seem to pry themselves away from Facebook is I find that closing my web browser when I need to get work done helps, although sometimes I subconsciously open it again, to check none other than Facebook!

Why Read? -Aman and Lexi

People always ask why I read.
I usually tell them that I enjoy it. Sometimes I get asked, “Even if it’s a really sad book?”

I wish I would reply with, “Even when it’s sad because it’s still an escape. Reading any genre of book lets me get away from life, no matter what. It creates an alternate universe for me where I’m not myself, and I can be someone else. It lets me escape from anything I want to escape from because it’s not my life. I live someone else’s life for awhile and that is wonderful because it helps me get away from all of my trouble. Reading makes me feel good because it shows me that other people have troubles and sometimes they are worse than mine. Reading sad books also make me appreciate my life and all that is in it. I realize that, wow; I do have a good life and I should cherish all that I have. I read because it helps me and I love it.”

Instead I usually reply with, “It doesn’t matter if it’s sad because it still makes me feel good.” Needless to say, they don’t get it.

At all.

I get why some people don’t understand because sometimes I don’t even understand myself. There is so much more to reading than what I put down here, and for everyone it’s different. For some an escape and for some it’s a reality. As long as reading makes people feel good and they enjoy it.
Reading has touched so many peoples’ lives from giving them a new perspective on life, giving new learning experiences, and giving the reader a getaway. All reading does is give. Examples of authors that have touched peoples’ lives with their books are J.K Rowling, Lurlene Mcdaniel, V.C. Andrews and many more. Even poets can change someone’s life. Reading touches peoples souls and lets them live and experience things they never could in reality.

Good-bye from a Grade 10 – Andrew

The TALONS blog has been through some AMAZING things.  In the beginning, I thought the blog was just a bad idea.  There was no way it would work.  I remember going to a room with all my fellow Grade 10’s, a room where we had sweated blood and tears while studying for our Socials final.  A room with so many memories.  We brainstormed that day, but, just like all teen bands, we agonized more over the name than the content.  How foolish we were, to believe that the content would come easily.  But we knew it would be the name that would make us or break us.  The name would draw people in.  It needed to be catchy, something that described TALONS.  Something that fit our ideals, something that could apply to future generations, something that would stick in people’s minds.

I remember in September, when we started setting up the blog.  We created Youtube accounts, Skype, Flickr, Twitter, everything that we thought we would need.  We started our blog, debated the theme, added all the cool apps.  And then….nothing.  Nothing.  For 5 months, nothing happened.  Then, it was English 11 time.  Whispers started swirling, what had happened to the blog?  We pulled it back out, dusted it off, and resurrected it.  This time, we focused on the content.  We set up a schedule, set up editors, got it going.  And now, here we are, in June, coasting.  We’re publishing 3 times a week, and everyone is writing the best posts they can.  Everyone shares how they’re feeling.  Everyone shares what’s going on in their life.  It’s really taking off.

Next year, I’ll be excited to see how it goes.  Will the two classes be able to go right from the start and get the blog running right away?  Can they pick up where we left off?  I can see it in the future, we’ll buy our own domain, have hundreds of people every day visiting our site.  Search for stuff on Google, and ‘Defying Normality’ will be  the first link that pops up.  I feel proud that WE were the class that started this.

I guess it’s like TALONS.  We’re a funny group.  We’ll drag our heels, groan and complain, about everything.  Our homework, deadlines, tests, everything.  Yet, as much as we complain and procrastinate, we’ll get it done.  And we’ll get it done well.  We’ll get to that date, slap something together, and everything comes up roses.  We take a while to get going, but when we do, we can accomplish anything.

That’s what I love so much about TALONS.  Everyone’s got that quiet self-confidence about them.  We all believe that we can do it, and we all have the utmost faith in everyone else that they’ll complete the job.  We bond together, and rely on each other.  We know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.  We don’t just try and fill our Grade 10’s shoes, we fill them, outgrow them, go a size up, then, just to go that one step better, bought a couple more pairs.  Just because we’re TALONS.  We’re Grade 10s.  We consider it our duty to continue traditions, and start a couple new ones.  We continued some, like painting the individual boxes to represent our time in TALONS.  We started new ones, like the logo, or the song for the teachers.  We laughed a lot, cried a lot, learned a lot.  We came together as a group.  We did what we never believed we could do when we were in Grade 9.  We became Grade 10s.  And although there were many bumps along the way, we survived, and came out stronger than before.  We bonded, and I realized that I could rely on any one of the other 14 class members in my grade.  I’m proud of them, I’m proud of us, I’m proud of what we did.  And now, in just under a week, I’ll be a Grade 11.  A scary thought, a new challenge.  But I know that I can rely on my friends and classmates to support me in whatever I do.  Because, after all, isn’t that what TALONS is all about?

The Call – Richard

It started out as a feeling
Which then grew into a hope
Which then turned into a quiet thought
Which then turned into a quiet word

And then that word grew louder and louder
‘Til it was a battle cry

I’ll come back
When you call me
No need to say goodbye

Just because everything’s changing
Doesn’t mean it’s never
Been this way before

All you can do is try to know
Who your friends are
As you head off to the war

Pick a star on the dark horizon
And follow the light

You’ll come back
When it’s over
No need to say good bye

This song is actually a song, that I’ve been looking to use for quite some time. I first heard this song way back in 2008, and I was amazed by the message that it was painting, one of hope, not of sadness, as you step out from one part of your life forever, and into the future. Look to what the future, and not the past, holds for you.

I realize that yesterday was in-depth night, and most people probably expected an in-depth related post. I’m not going to write about in-depth because I believe that the Grade 10s are more important, and that we should honour them, for what they’ve helped us become.

The lyrics, and message of this song, tells a story, of a journey, from the beginning of TALONS, till now, and beyond.

It started out as a feeling
Which then grew into a hope
Which then turned into a quiet thought
Which then turned into a quiet word

And then that word grew louder and louder
‘Til it was a battle cry

This tells of the journey through TALONS. From the moment you joined and accepted your place, you all believed that this is the right place for you, until the end, where your belief in this program has only become more cemented and more concrete. This symbolizes the progression of your belief, and your attachment to the program. It started off as a feeling that you belonged here, which turned into a hope that you are a true TALONS. That turned into a thought, a belief in TALONS, and an attachment. From there, that thought swelled to a voice, a voice proclaiming louder and louder that you love TALONS, and that you are in this together with everyone else.

“Just because everything’s changing
Doesn’t mean it’s never
Been this way before”

Just because in the last two years you’ve grown to be accustomed to TALONS, and now moving into a new place, back to “Normal Society” may be slightly unnerving, or even if this thought turns your world upside down, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t been there before. It doesn’t mean that you should be scared, or nervous of what is to come, you’ve been outside of TALONS before. We all believe that just because you’re going back to non-TALONS life, you won’t be unsuccessful.  We believe in you guys, in fact most of us were Born This Way, into Normal Society.

“All you can do is try to know
Who your friends are
As you head off to the war”

War represents the clash between what you now are, and what you believe in , compared to those who are not yet enlightened, those who haven’t seen as deep as you have. But, remember this always, your peers will always be your friends and will always be there for you.

“Pick a star on the dark horizon
And follow the light”

When you are in the darkest parts of your life, follow that star, follow that only light in the stark night, and you’ll come out stronger than before. This is what TALONS is, a safe place for you to fall down and get up again, a place for you to take risks that may lead to many problems, but we’ll always get over the walls. Follow the light beyond TALONS, and you will too keep climbing over the hills, and the obstacles, that is part of a game called life.

“I’ll come back
When you call me
No need to say goodbye”

There is no need to say goodbye to TALONS, come back and visit us next year and we’ll always welcome you with open arms. Even if you don’t, in the past year you have left part of your spirit in our hearts, and you’ll be with us, always and forever. No need to say goodbye.

“The Call” by Regina Spektor, is the song, I remember sitting in the theater, watching “Narnia: Prince Caspian” and in the scene where the Pevensies have to go back to London, I heard this song playing in the background, and I thought that it was so appropriate, and beautiful. Susan and Peter were never to come back to Narnia again, but there is no need to say goodbye, for Once a King or Queen of Narnia, always a King or Queen of Narnia; Once a Narnia, always a Narnia. So Grade 10s, Once a TALONS always a TALONS.

The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year – Andrew

Adventure Trip is strange.  Like most good things in life, you spend most of the time desperately wishing it would come faster, but once you arrive at that stage, you wish that time would go slower.  I’ve spent this entire year looking forward to Adventure Trip, and now that it’s tomorrow, I wish that we could go back a couple of months.  Because I know that there are 4 big things that happen in TALONS, Retreat, Eminent person, In-depth, and Adventure Trip.  And I know that after Adventure Trip, TALONS will basically be over.  One more month, of the best two years of my life so far.  One more month, to savor the friendships I’ve made.  One month, until we’ll be separated, each of us going our separate ways.  It’s something incredibly sad.  Knowing that I won’t have as many classes with these people, won’t be as close.  I really feel like I have gotten to know the other 14 kids in my grade really well.  They know my strengths and weaknesses, I know theirs.  When we do a group project, we all know our roles.  We all know who does what, who’s going to be project manager, who’s going to help out quietly, and push from the back.  We’re a well-oiled machine, and Adventure Trip is our prime.  It’s when we show off everything we’ve learned, when we get tested, and beat the tests.  The last two years, we’ve been building to this point, slowly developing, until now.  When we have to stand behind our words, and show what we’re capable.  It’s funny, because at the end of last year, we claimed there was no way we could step up and fill the Grade 10’s shoes.  We weren’t nearly as polished or prepared.  We weren’t one big unit, we were several small cliques.  We didn’t have that kind of seamless communication where everyone seemed to know what to do.  Yet, as this year goes by, I’ve seen the changes.  Now, at lunch, we all eat in one big group.  We’ve figured out the different assets everyone brings to each projects.  Who can act, who can write, who can tech it up.  I have and cherish a personal connection between every single one of my fellow Grade 10’s, and I know that we will support each other on this trip.  We cover for each other, we have each other’s backs.  We don’t throw anyone under the bus.  We’re a family.  Albeit, a multi-cultural, extremely diverse family with many clashing opinions on both large and minute topics, from politics, to even something as simple as how best to pack a cooler.   There have been many disagreements, but I know that these 14 kids would never desert me in my time of need.  And I know I would never desert them either.  As the saying goes, “You win as a team, you lose as a team”.  Right now, we’re a team, and we’re going to continue to be as good of on as we can be.  I know the school year isn’t over yet, but it seems like it is.  I plan on savouring these last few weeks with these people, and if I had the chance to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing, because I know that each dip and valley has helped to forge us into who we are today.

As I write this, there is 8 hours until we’re at school tomorrow.  8 hours until it’s show time.  We’re ready.  Are you?

The end of an era – Elleni

This time last year I was standing solidly in my grade nine shoes, and couldn’t even fathom the concept of eventually leaving talons and going on to conquer the rest of the school. I was sad that our grade tens would be leaving us, but I didn’t seem to process the fact that them leaving meant me getting pushed into one of their positions.

Regardless of whether or not I was ready, it happened, and this past year in talons has been filled with surprises, and joy, and laughter, and fun. There has never been a dull moment. I think every single one of us has really grown to new heights, and blossomed into a stronger person. The adventure trip is always a time to showcase these abilities, and, now that it’s approaching, we’re all starting to realize just how special talons is to us. I don’t doubt that there will be lots of biking, cold weather, singing, campfires, s’mores, and amazing displays of leadership. That leadership will emerge just in time for next year, where the grade nines will move into a new role, and a new group of talons will enter our classroom. Those new grade nines will be just as scared and apprehensive as all of the others before them, and they will look up to the grade tens for guidance. I don’t doubt that our grade nines will step up to the challenge, they just need to realize how capable they really are. People are finally starting to see that the year goes by really quickly, and that the program doesn’t stay the same for very long.

So here I am…standing meekly in my oh-so-big grade ten shoes, wishing that I didn’t have to leave them behind next year. Talons is familiar. Talons is comfortable. Talons is family. Can I picture math class without a teacher that can explain everything? No. Can I imagine English class without a million tangents and side topics? Never. Can I imagine us all being separated into different classrooms and subjects? Absolutely not. But it’s going to happen. Life pushes on whether you’re ready or not. Having more time with what we have now could be amazing! But sometimes you have to realize that it’s time to shed your old shoes, and step into some new ones.

Ready or not, here we come. I just hope that the world can handle us as grade elevens. 😛

Whatever’s On Your Mind Wednesday! MUSIC – Derek

Well today is Whatever is on your mind Wednesday, well in my mind music is just swimming around! Whether it be my own music or my favorite artists BigBang, there’s always music in my mind! Practicing for concert band playing tests helps too!

In my opinion, some of the most enjoyable music is the sounds you produce/mix yourself. Have you ever made a cover? Have you ever just fooled around on an instrument and recorded it? Well let me tell you, it’s a ton of fun. I recently learned how to improvise a very “trippy” style of solo on the guitar.
You can take a look at it here, I also show you how exactly how to play it.

The genre I usually listen to is probably new to you.  It’s called Kpop, which stands for Korean Pop. I like their style of music and the use of different vocal styles. Here’s my favorite song: Love Song. They also have some of the best live performances around. Their concerts are all carefully choreographed to appeal to the audience. Some even going as far as making an entrance on a suspended piano (TaeYang) Once you get around the fact that it’s in a different language it’s actually makes for some good listening!  Kpop has a variety of artists, but is mainly controlled by several big names: SHINee, Super Junior, BigBang. Within these groups there are solo artists such as TaeYang and Seungri, they all have very successful solo tracks. Check them out on Youtube! They also have very unique hairstyles that just play a part in the show part of their performances.

Now you know a little more about the variety of music on earth and how diverse it can be!  You might think that Kpop isn’t popular in North America but BigBang’s album “Tonight” reached #6 in the United States! So give it a try!

Keep checking back for more blogs!

The Forbidden Phoenix -Clayton

Yesterday both the TALONS morning and afternoon classes participated in a fieldtrip to Richmond’s Gateway Theater to watch a play named “The Forbidden Phoenix.” Although things may not have gone as smoothly as they could’ve been time wise, the play was still pretty good.

We started the day off at 9:00 by loading up the bus, and driving off to Richmond. An hour and a half later we arrived at Garden Plaza in Richmond to eat lunch. While waiting until the food was prepared, we waited and generally had a good time while waiting at Blenz coffee.

At 11:30 students finally started to receive their lunches. The distribution of lunch took nearly 30 minutes to distribute all the food. This was a problem. We were supposed to start on our way to the Gateway Theater at 12:00. Although it was a struggle for everyone to eat quickly and head to the bus, we still arrived on time.

When we arrived at the theater, there were the staff there waiting with smiles on their faces, and snacks set out for the guests. While heading into the theater, it was an interesting experience. I know I was excited to see the play. The play promptly started. It was full of intense action sequences, exciting music, and exciting drama.

Overall the day was a success. I’m sure every single TALONS student enjoyed it. I certainly did, and I know that I’m definitely willing to go to the gateway theater again.

Lucid Dreaming – Veronica

You know what’s all the rage lately?

Lucid dreaming.

Actually just kidding, most people seem to not know about it… Well that’s from my observations, because when I excitedly told my friends today that I was “attempting to lucid dream”, my response was usually a blank stare and then the infamous “wat”.

Anyways, if you are one of those people, I’ll tell you a bit about lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is basically when you know that you’re in a dream, and taking that knowledge further, you can manipulate your actions in the dream.

Sounds hard, right? Well, it’s the first step to like crazy dreaming tricks that you can do… and I’ve decided that I officially want to try lucid dreaming.

I actually first learned of lucid dreaming from my brother, but he was actually way off on the actual definition. He thought it was manipulating your dreams, period. “That’s impossible!” I thought. And so I searched it up (I love proving my brother wrong), and yeah… proved him wrong. But honestly, I’ve always been really interested in the whole dreams stuff. Like how the heck do dreams work? So I did some more research on the topic of lucid dreaming, and I thought, “hey! I can do that!”, so now I am religiously following Wikihow’s “How to Lucid Dream”. Link is there, for you guys who want to try too!

Oh, let me give you a background about my dreaming “abilities”. I know everybody’s different on the whole subconsciousness level stuff, but my dreaming capabilities are definitely up there in the top 50%, I’d say. I have really vivid dreams, and when I wake up, I find it really easy to recall most of the stuff in my dreams, or at least the big ideas. I usually have 2-4 different dreams per night, but most of the time I can’t remember all of them that well. It depends what sticks in my mind the most. And I noticed I have a tendency to dream about the things that are preoccupying my mind that day. For example, I have this math test coming up real soon, and I’ve been having dreams about the math test a lot (I know, lame dream… just kidding math rocks my socks). One last thing about my dreaming. I have a lot of dreams/nightmares where I know that I’m going to die, and like, of course I don’t want to die, right? So I have this ability to take myself out of the dream the second when I know I’m in trouble. It’s so cool. I basically realize, “oh wait, this is a dream!” and next thing you know my eyes are open and I’m catching my breath, very much awake. Cool stuff eh? That’s the main reason why I think I can effectively lucid dream. Because I already have the “power” to realize that I’m in a dream, the next thing I’m working on is actually being able to stay in that dream.

So the one thing I’m doing right now is keeping a dream diary. I started on Saturday, so I have a laughingly little amount of actual writing in it. And the bad thing is that I should probably get a diary with a lock, because uh, I kinda wouldn’t want my mom peeking at it :/. Anyways, I’ll show you my first two entries here!

Sunday April 3, 2011

– sang at Glen concert, forgot lyrics and w/ random asian kid

– Talons dressed up in cartoon dinosaur costumes at concert, dancing around.

– 2nd dream! kidnapped, have to do a talent show, whoever has the least amount of talent dies… This one was a lucid dream! I didn’t want to die (cuz I have no talent lolz) so I woke myself up

– 3rd dream! pizza w/ family, asked if they made congee

-4th dream! adventure trip type thing, zooming around in dirt buggies/carts/ATMs then went to this huge auditorium/gym and hung out w/friends in a fortune teller booth

Monday April 4, 2011

– @school in library, I was grade 11, I met new Talons kids

– went off campus with my friend, he was like “oh we don’t get to hang out much so wanna come here every week” and I was like “aww sure” but then I got hit by a car and died… and my dream point of view switched because I was already dead.. Oh by the way the same friend predicted my death by a car accident in grade 8, so I’m scared now.

– 2nd dream! Met The Purse Forum people, they didn’t know what patina was! *gasp*, and I warped into my parents’ car with my parents and my dog, and there was a random phone book somewhere… and I sewed a fake Chanel bag hmm.

So those are my 2 nights recorded so far! It’s kinda weird how I came close to/actually died both days… that’s depressing. Hopefully someone up there isn’t trying to tell me something. Anyways I will keep this dream diary to notice patterns in my dream. I think it’s super cool to read back on your dreams! By the way I dreamed about Talons both days too! That means you guys are special ha ha ha!