Feedback on Remixing the Great Book of Knowledge

Inspired by the spirit of helping write the Great Book of Knowledge, the TALONS classes were proud to create and present a series of remixed podcasts riffing on the two-part CBC Ideas episode produced by Philip Coulter. Having posted finished versions of the podcasts on the class blog, and sharing the collected remixes live on K12 web radio station 105 the Hive, the class received a notable piece of feedback by email the other day:

Hey talented TALONS people!

I heard some of the remixes you posted on Soundcloud of The Great Book of Knowledge. They were terrific! Really imaginative work- you had a great feel for the ideas behind the programme and for how to take those ideas to another level, which is what remix is all about, and you obviously get it.

You’re lucky to be in such a great programme, and from a little cruising around your site its obvious that you’re doing really interesting work. Keep it up with creating things that no-one ever thought of before- thats called Art, and that brings us a better world!

Philip Coulter

Producer, The Great Book of Knowledge
“Ideas” CBC Radio

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