Intro to Introduction Post for Eminent Person

It’s that time of year again, Eminent Person study! We were introduced to the project last Thursday and since then we have all looked in every nook and cranny for that perfect eminent person who inspires us and has made an impact in the world no matter how small. Our first step in this project is introducing our eminent person and how do we do this? Well, of course, a blogpost! So to get  feel for great, informative, creative and personal introduction posts we were told to look at some of last year’s examples and find one that really appealed to us. Stars and wishes were to be discussed in class and here is what we came up with:

  1. Achievements, not life story were focused on.
  2. Different forms of media. 
  3. Lots of links.
  1. Not just introduced right away, spoke about how she found her.
  2. Not just list of facts and dates and places, more personality than that. 
  1. Contained a lot of information but not boring to read.
  2. Good length.
  3. Engaging.
  1. A quote is really powerful.
  2. Writing is descriptive and powerful. 
  3. End of post, ends with a question, a cliffhanger. 
  4. Laid out well, good use of pictures. 
  1. A lot of pictures makes it interesting to look at.
  2. Pictures break up text so it’s not too many words to process at a time. 
  1. Start was short, basic facts.
  2. Transitioned nicely into life story.

In conclusion, a good blogpost is informative, creative and personal. We’re telling a story when we introduce our eminent person. We’re sharing how we found them, why they are eminent to us and the world, and why they inspire us. We’re the main characters of our blog so put yourself out there and tell us why you find them interesting (summarizing Mr.J). Links and pictures are very helpful as well because we’re visual creatures and the internet is a visual place (again Mr.J’s words). Make your blogpost interesting, there’s tons of internet posts out there, what makes yours special? Why will people read yours? Basic writing skills as well, one paragraph should only have one idea; remember the Six Traits (refer to English binder). Don’t be afraid to bold or italicize to emphasize a point. Make sure your post contains enough information for you to be personally happy with what you’ve told us.  Find your writing voice, show don’t tell and most of all, speak from the heart.

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