Christmas. -Daniel P

Christmas. It’s that time of year again. It’s the time of year where you’ve been waiting for the entire year and it’s finally here. Arguably the most celebrated holiday in the world, it’s Christmas!

The time from the beginning to the end of December is the period of time when signs of Christmas can be portrayed by many things. You can see the sparkling lights of the Christmas tree, or on the rooftops of houses. A once dark night is no more. I don’t know about you, but when I think about Christmas, I have this warm, cozy feeling and the comfortable feeling of being truly home. Just imagine it. You come back home from school, and you see the lights outside your house. And as you step in, you see your mom smiling at you, holding Oreos and milk. As you smile, the warm glow of the multicolored lights on the magnificent Christmas tree that supports the entire feeling.

As Christmas gets closer and closer, you can notice it everywhere. In the mall, you can see an old man in a red suit, a long white beard, with a fat belly. It’s Santa Claus!! You can hear the little children, squealing in the excitement of meeting the man where you will get presents from. You can’t help it but smile. But down the street, there is another Santa. And another. And another. Then, there are the shops. You look at the signs and it says 90% off all merchandise because of the Holiday Sale.

Christmas Eve night is a glorious night. You look outside the window to see a different world. Everything is covered in a white blanket and it may remind you of Narnia. This is the night where Santa makes his journey around the world to bring you presents, and you have a determination to stay awake and see Santa Claus for yourself. But you never manage to stay awake.

You wake up in the morning as you run down stairs and see the many presents that you have been waiting for the entire year. You can’t be happier as you tear the wrapping off faster than you can say “Christmas”. Your parents’ smile as they watch you is a feeling that you will never forget.  This is the magic of Christmas.

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