Passion, Stress and Happiness

Be passionate about the things you do because even though they cost you the most stress, they give you magnitudes of happiness.

That is what our quad took away from Liam St. Louis during the interview. He spoke about how he doesn’t worry about stress and when there is stress just to do it, finish it and move on. We also asked him what advice he would give to youth and it was to do what you are passionate about because it’ll make you happier than doing something just for university applications. We combined these two ideas together and created the picture below. The picture itself speaks of a passion (climbing or hiking with friends), a stress (climbing or hiking a mountain), and happiness (the friends smiling is kind of a give away).

The picture was taken from Darcy McCarty who had a creative license on his picture that allowed us to edit and share his picture. Thank you Darcy! 🙂

-Aman, Josh & Julien



  1. I wonder if Liam may be referring to eustress (a form of stress that is positive). Eustress is experienced by many athletes and also in times of peak cognitive performance. I’ve also seen it be related to “flow.” Check it out here: Understanding that stress actually occurs on a scale between calm and distress is a pretty good insight to take forward into your adult lives. GG

  2. Not a bad summary! “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life” is essentially how I try to live my life, and I truly believe if people live that way – always trying to do what they love, or at least trying to find something to love about what they have to do – we would all be able to go through life without so many of the problems that cause the ills of our society. Love the picture!

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