Halloween and Eminent People-Duncan

Ahhhh Halloween, a special time of year, where everyone is running around trying to find a costume to wear. (Hey that rhymed.) Some people have it prepared, but most people procrastinate, because if I’m not mistaken we are TALONS. Halloween is a great time of the year. The only time when we can all pretend to be somebody we’re not. I think Halloween was made for TALONS, even if TALONS started a bit later than Halloween was created. My theory is that the person who created Halloween could see into the future and when he saw the TALONS his mind was just blown on how Halloween could be such a success. It’s also really fun to walk by smaller people, wait let me rephrase that ‘younger’ people and act like you’re five and go around getting candy. It actually is you should all do that. The candy, how could I forget the candy, that’s tied for first for the best thing about Halloween. If you don’t like candy or trick-or-treating, (that’s right it’s still cool!), you have just been shunned. Oh well, I hope everyone in Talons has a creative costume, can’t wait to see them!

Eminent people, that’s the second thing I want to talk about. A lot of grade nines are really stressed on how were going to do and if we don’t get an interview, including me, but I say it’s going to be fine. It’s only this overwhelming because it’s the first big project of the year. The grade tens have said that it’s going to be hard to get speeches to two minutes, but at first I was thinking that mine would be too short. I’m glad the grade tens said it would be the other way around. That reassured me a lot. Since I’ve never really been a fan of speeches I don’t know if I’ll like this project or not, but I hope I do. I also overhear some people in the class stressed about the practice interviews. You shouldn’t be all that stressed, I admit I was kind of nervous at first, but then I thought if I mess up its ok it’s not like it’s my big interview. I think if you mess up in the practice interview that’s a good thing, so you’ll know what you need to work on for next time. Well that’s all for now TALONS. Good luck on your eminent people!

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