How to Make Chores Significantly More Exciting – Leanne

It’s amazing how what you’re thinking about can make dreary things so much more pleasant. A few days ago, I was doing my chores (washing the floors of the kitchen, bathrooms, and entry way), and all I could think about was the standard “this is stupid” “I could be working on my essay right now”, etc. Eventually, I went running over to my laptop and opened that song from Snow White that she sings while cleaning up the dwarves’ house. I finished my chores to that, and absentmindedly sweeped the entire upper floor and handwashed the dishes. Without noticing! (After that little experiment, I’m going to be listening to that song every time I do chores.) I spent the entire time thinking about Bambi-like deer with big starry eyes and little bunnies and squirrels. Not once did I think about my chores, or the fact that I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. I was even humming along. When my parents came home, of course, it was a bit awkward at first, but then they noticed the nicely cleaned house and let me go about my business.
Today, I was cleaning my room, and did the same thing with the Happy Working Song from Enchanted, and it worked just as well.
To sum things up, doing chores is significantly more fun when you can sing along. Happy cleaning.

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