Trombones!- Jonathan

Please tell me that you know what a trombone is. Please?

I’m just kidding. Of course you know what a trombone is….

I remember the first time I heard the trombone. It was in grade 5, and a trombone quintet came to my elementary school. They played Mission Impossible, which was awesome enough, but then… one guy came forward, and started playing Flight of the Bumblebees.

And everyone in the gym was just like…. what. So, after that, I decided that I would learn to play the trombone, just so I could play Flight of the Bumblebees too. I mean, how hard could it be, right?

Oh, how foolish I was back in Grade 5.

First of all, the trombone doesn’t even really have set pitches. We get a slide, which is great for making airplane sounds, but it’s terrible for someone trying to figure out where the next note is. I don’t get buttons to press for sounds; I have to move like I’m punching someone. That’s nice for when you’re stressed out, but I have to make sure on a daily basis that I don’t actually knock someone out. Also, when I started playing the trombone, my arm wasn’t actually long enough to hit all the slide positions. But, I overcame, and my love for the trombone never died, although my arm did multiple times (Seriously, playing the trombone was like a full-upper body workout in Grade 6).

So, fast forward to today. I’ve been playing the trombone for over 4 years now, and it’s still just as fun to make airplane noises. I’ve played Mission Impossible (although not in a quintet of trombones), my arm is long enough to play every position in a trombone, and I haven’t hit someone by accident in over a year.

Oh, and I still can’t play Flight of the Bumblebees. Luckily, this guy can, so listen to him!

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