The Start of an Adventure Trip – Jenna

Whenever I talk about what I believe the Adventure Trip is all about, I feel somewhat hypocritical. You see, I am one of the few unlucky people that didn’t get a chance to participate in her grade 9 Adventure Trip due to an injury. Let me just say that for those of you that don’t know, this trip is the TALONS trip of all TALONS trips. And even ‘til this day, I still feel out of place because I never went. So as this year’s trip is rapidly approaching, I feel like I am a grade 9 – I don’t fully know what to expect. I’ve tried to piece together the words and experiences of my classmates but I still don’t think I would ever understand unless I’ve experienced it. So I am unbelievably anxious and excited for this year’s trip! And I think to enjoy it to the fullest, you need to be prepared – and it started today with our practice bike trip to Belcarra.

I would consider myself to be a person that is reasonably in-shape and physically capable – but there is something about biking up a hill while your thighs feel like they’re on fire, you’re out of breath and you’re looking ahead and seeing that you’ve only made it up a quarter of the hill you thought you were almost past – it definitely plays with your mind. I think a huge reason for our practice bike trip today was not only to learn how to push yourself physically, but also mentally. There were so many times where I felt defeated, exhausted and considered just getting off the bike and taking a rest, but I knew I could push myself just that fraction further -and I believe that’s what the Adventure Trip is all about. It’s about discovering your abilities and pushing them to the limits, despite the blood, sweat and tears. And trust me, there is going to be a lot of those. 😉

I think the whole experience, starting with preparation, teaches you a lot about life and that despite how difficult things might seem, there is always a way to get past it if you set your mind to it! We’re all going to be pushed to our absolute limits, but just remember to enjoy the ride – don’t worry, you’ll survive.