The Perils and Joys of Immigration

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This post contains our radio show episode. That jingle you just heard by clicking on that first link was created on GarageBand by Cassidy, because it incorporated what she is doing for In-Depth this year.

Radio Show Links:

Part 1

Part 2

As of now, we are the only group in AM TALONS that took a huge risk by doing a live show! I was the sound person, supplying all the effects on my computer, and I didn’t have the hang of playing the sounds on time until after Steven’s dialogue. That was entirely my bad, but I got used to it quickly. – Cassidy

The reason why there are 2 separate recordings is because the cable connecting the microphone to the computer slid out of the microphone for about 10 seconds before it was put back in.

Show Notes

Hope you enjoyed listening!

Steven, Cassidy, Jessica, and Jeanie

Focus Time on Tuesday – Mr. J


As TALONS facilitators, Ms. Mulder and I try not to make teacher-centered lectures and lessons too often the focus of our daily use of class time, preferring instead to use our common time and space for shared communication and collaborative problem solving based around many aspects of the class’ current learning. Especially in the spring semester, we often provide brief mini-lectures on topics or concepts for the day (or week), and then allow the class ample periods of “Focus Time” to be used for work and study of ongoing projects or problems.

There is a variety of different “focus” activities in the video above (Math, Socials, Adventure Trip planning, Leadership projects, etc) that attest to a diverse and productive use of class time the TALONS strive to produce on a daily basis.

April Fools – David

Waking up this morning, everything felt fine. That is, until I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. This was about the point that I found various Sharpie markings strewn across my face.

April Fools Day, one of the most interesting days of the year. A day when you discover the countless pranks carried out by your friends, family, and of course some pulled by yourself.

But the most interesting, is when large corporations decide to play their own little prank on the millions of unsuspecting customers that follow them. We’re all familiar with the 1938 radio play “The War of the Worlds” by radio personality Orson Welles. A superbly created radio broadcast played out on October 30th, tricking hundreds of the American populace into believing an actual invasion of the extra-terrestrials was upon them.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Well Discovery News appears to be trying to “Fool Ye Twice” with an article titled “Asteroid Forensics May Point to Alien Space Miners”… no doubt published on April 1st, 2011.  I don’t know about you, but I think there’s something fishy going on with this article.

Another out of this world prank, pulled by none other than Virgin Mobile, although more noticeable, is another article, “Richard Branson Buys Pluto, Reinstates as Planet”.  Branson is a particularly rich man, believe me, but I am certain even he needs a bit more dough in his savings account before he can afford to buy a landmass as large as Pluto.  Besides, who the heck would you buy it from in the first place?

Even more bizarre than the last scandal, Blizzard Entertainment, creators of the all-time popular MMORPG World of Warcraft, exclaimed the addition of a new five player “Dungeon”, an online encounter requiring the participation of at least five of your friends to defeat the more powerful monsters inside of it.  Also required, although not terribly advertised, is of course the unbroken devotion of an hour of your time to helping a bunch of pixelated characters fight a couple of baddies.  Not exactly the average persons style, but hell, it’s surprisingly fun.  Which brings us to the “Tomb of Immortal Darkness”, the encounter featured in this April Fools day prank.  Why spend that pointless hour of your life watching Television when you can spend it fighting the Dark Lord of Twilight, Omgsogoth?

And an even more “Couch Potato” oriented joke played by “”, are a few nerdy products for every overweight geek.  I’m sure at some point all of us have been out relaxing, slouched on the couch, watching our favourite TV show, or playing our favourite video game, when we realized we really needed to eat something.  That’s why ThinkGeek created the wonderful “Shirt Plate”.  Or so I thought.  Unfortunately it turns out this helpful little design is simply another prank done up by the sites creators.  Sad…  I would have liked a shirt plate myself.

Next up, by one of the most acclaimed companies today, so much that their own company name has officially been accepted as an English word, Google has done up its own professionally made April Fools event.  “Gmail Motion Beta”, a nifty feature, allows you to control your email account not with the traditional mouse and keyboard, but with in fact your entire body movement.  Not stopping at the general text and pictures to exclaim their joke, they have included professional interviews to top it off.  Kudos to Google this year.

One of the last jokes of the day, by Kodak, a new app that allows the user to delete any person from their pictures, erasing any existence of them from your personal photo collection.  Sadly, I haven’t been in any bad relationships, nevermind any relationships, so I won’t have a use for this fake app, but go ahead and check it out for yourself here.

Finally, I have decided to save the best for last.  Here’s from Toshiba, The World’s First, 3D Monocle: