Freewrite – Donya

I am going to post a free write, which refers to a type of write in which you do not edit immediately afterwards. I think it’s because I need to understand that work does not have to be perfect for presentation.

It needs to simply exist to be presentable.

Or maybe the more you polish a piece, the finer and finer the raw elements of the story will become until you can hardly see the grains anymore. I grew up with the mindset of “if it’s not perfect, don’t you even think about showing it to anyone.” So many of my school years have been spent behind the closed doors of my room, furiously erasing every stray pencil line, straightening every crookedly placed picture, and editing. Editing until I am sure that the flow to the piece could be compared to movement of a river, and the amount of grammatical errors would equal the amount of zero.

It was very frustrating but I can’t complain I have found that in life, presentation is everything. You always see the big chunk of words before you actually understand the depth of them. But if you are never going to show what you have created, to acquire the opinion of the people, then what’s the point?

I am petrified of “ the things we need to improve on”. Why could I not have gotten it right the first time, isn’t that a true show of skill? No, actually, I think that instead, you broadcast your skill as well as maturity when you are able to put something out there and hold your head high in the process. You understand that not every creative brain cell in your head must be squelched to make room for the auto correct in your brain to take over.

I am a pretty avid doodler, and what I have found while I am scribbling over my papers is that, often times I will go back to a previous doodle and add new designs and shapes to it. Since I am more comfortable with drawing, I don’t really pay attention to the fact that I am building on a piece of unedited work.

But because I really want to excel in writing, I get so tense whenever I even think about going back and re editing that I just take down the post all together.

Now, as I am writing this, I find that there is a likable quality to a fresh batch of words. Straight out of the oven, no icing required. To read what comes straight from another person’s brain is very interesting. Even if they do ramble, and repeat. It adds to the character in some ways. And once in a while I think I might just partake in this type of exercise again to remind myself to put things out there, just for the sake of it.