The More Birthdays You Have, The Longer You Live -Emily

Lots of people hate birthdays. But I don’t complain, because the more birthdays you have, the longer you live.

As today is my birthday, I figured birthdays would be cool to blog about. Michelle came up to me today and wished me a happy birthday. She then explained that she knew because of Facebook.

Now, this is hardly unusual nowadays. But before facebook, people had to actually *gasp* use their memories to remember when to give you the birthday beats. But my grandmother never fails to call me up on my birthday, and I doubt she has facebook.

So, how has technology changed birthdays? Well, otherwise, most people wouldn’t have known about my birthday until I or someone else who had memorized my birthday reminded them. And as a member of the Morning TALONS’ birthday committee, I think we all agree that a day or two warning makes the card etc a lot easier to plan. And I might’ve escaped that singing episode in Drama class…

I think it requires people to put less effort into remembering people’s birthdays, but since when does technology require one to put in MORE effort? So, I’m thinking a little bit of the birthday-specialness is lost when people find out from some website, but it’s nice to have people know.