Essays, Remixes, and Radio Shows – Kelly

Digital Storytelling 106, or DS106 as it is more commonly referred to, is basically a world-wide course created out of the projects that Talons students already do.  Creating podcasts, radio shows, movies, and using various forms of multimedia are often subjects of projects in this course.

And, hopefully, this weekend a few of the Talons students will be featured on the DS106 radio station.

Mr. Jackson jokingly refers to the Talons class as ‘DS105’ because we basically do an amateur version of the course.  I find it really interesting that our work, from a small high school in an average town in British Columbia is going to be played on air along with the work of college students, and of professionals all over the world who have similar interests as us.

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to have my work played on the podcast I created with Veronica and Jonathan T.  The three of us, as well as Mr. J, have created remixes of the This I Believe Essays of our fellow students.  I am by no means literate when it comes to technology, so, even more than having my work out there in the world, I have learned a lot about sound editing and effects with music.

Stay tuned to the DS106 radio this weekend to hear the work of the Talons Class.

Click here to listen to Veronica’s first remix.

Click here to listen to Veronica’s second remix.

Click here to listen to Jonathan T’s remix.

Click here to listen to my remix.

Click here to visit the SoundCloud account of the Talons class, and to hear the This I Believe essay recordings.

Stay tuned next week for updates on students’ This I Believe Final Projects.