Children collaborating on life – Macguire

This week in TALONS: This I Believe – full on essays.

Well, that’s what they’ll be by Monday, March 7th. As of now, they’re kind of like little children. Children called “drafts”. As we move through the week, our children will grow into happily living, successful men and women. After being raised and brought up by our classmates’ feedback, they will be changing, growing and thriving. They’ll be represented in audio form, which I’m sure will be available for you to listen to once we have recorded them. As everything in life is, this is a process. It’s not like going from toddler to businessman. No. This is going from toddler, through all phases of transformation and change until they’re completely finished and are the best they can be.

I never thought I’d get that far on such an analogy.

My favorite thing about all this is the collaboration. Everything to do with this is collaborative. This project wouldn’t be near possible without our classmates’ feedback, our motivating comments and our desire to succeed. One of the biggest aspects of TALONS is collaboration, and that’s how we like to get things done around here.

I see no downside in collaboration, especially in an environment where everybody is collaborating. It’s like having personal helpers, assisting you with whatever you need. Whether it’s giving you feedback on your This I Believe essay, giving suggestions for your podcast or even giving tips on how you could do better, the best work is collaborative.

Whether it’s just a quick sentence or a paragraph or two, focusing on specifics or the big picture, feedback can always help make things better. I appreciate the mindset of TALONS, who are always willing to give feedback and, well, make your work better.