Bittersweet Endings – Kelly

With the adventure trip over, in-depth wrapped up, and the year winding to a close, it is a very exciting time of year.  There are officially six days left of TALONS for me and the rest of the grade tens, and it is a pretty emotional time.

I would say I am ready to move on from TALONS.  It has been an amazing two years and I would not exchange it for anything, but there are a lot of things I will miss terribly, things that only TALONS can offer.  In any other class, you will not become as close knit of a group.  You will never experience a sense of family with people you only see for an hour a day.  You will also never have the same sort of relationship with your teachers as you do in TALONS.  But I think the thing I will miss the most from TALONS is the very thing I am ready to do because of it: Step outside of my comfort zone and begin a new adventure.

There are so many things too look forward to and so many things to be afraid of, but that all comes next September.  For right now, I am focusing on the time that is left.

On Friday, I went on my last TALONS field trip.  Ever.  We went to see Bard on the Beach, and it was amazing, and it was generally just a really fabulous evening.  Between hanging out at Kitsilano beach and trying to listen to the hockey game and seeing a play and just having a fun night, it slipped by all of us that this would be the last time we were all together.  It was the last time that all of TALONS, both the morning and the afternoon classes, would be together outside of school, away from classrooms and books and exams and studying.

As I write this, so terribly excited for school to be over and summer to begin, I can’t help but wonder how things could have been different.  If any one person had decided against coming to TALONS, the group could have been so different.  There are so many tiny alterations that could have changed our past two years so completely.

Looking back over the past two years, sure, there are some things that could have been different.  Yes, I wish I had worked harder on a certain assignment or been more involved with certain events or made some different choices, but I guess that is all in the past and we have all created ourselves over the past two years to the point that we are not the same people who walked through the doors of Classroom 204 in September 2009.  And now that we are moving on to the next chapter of our lives, I am really looking forward to growing and creating myself once again, and becoming the person I will be after TALONS is over.

The end of an era – Elleni

This time last year I was standing solidly in my grade nine shoes, and couldn’t even fathom the concept of eventually leaving talons and going on to conquer the rest of the school. I was sad that our grade tens would be leaving us, but I didn’t seem to process the fact that them leaving meant me getting pushed into one of their positions.

Regardless of whether or not I was ready, it happened, and this past year in talons has been filled with surprises, and joy, and laughter, and fun. There has never been a dull moment. I think every single one of us has really grown to new heights, and blossomed into a stronger person. The adventure trip is always a time to showcase these abilities, and, now that it’s approaching, we’re all starting to realize just how special talons is to us. I don’t doubt that there will be lots of biking, cold weather, singing, campfires, s’mores, and amazing displays of leadership. That leadership will emerge just in time for next year, where the grade nines will move into a new role, and a new group of talons will enter our classroom. Those new grade nines will be just as scared and apprehensive as all of the others before them, and they will look up to the grade tens for guidance. I don’t doubt that our grade nines will step up to the challenge, they just need to realize how capable they really are. People are finally starting to see that the year goes by really quickly, and that the program doesn’t stay the same for very long.

So here I am…standing meekly in my oh-so-big grade ten shoes, wishing that I didn’t have to leave them behind next year. Talons is familiar. Talons is comfortable. Talons is family. Can I picture math class without a teacher that can explain everything? No. Can I imagine English class without a million tangents and side topics? Never. Can I imagine us all being separated into different classrooms and subjects? Absolutely not. But it’s going to happen. Life pushes on whether you’re ready or not. Having more time with what we have now could be amazing! But sometimes you have to realize that it’s time to shed your old shoes, and step into some new ones.

Ready or not, here we come. I just hope that the world can handle us as grade elevens. 😛