Canadian Confederation resources on TALONS Socials Wiki

The Fathers of Confederation at the London Conference, 1866.

As we wrap up our study of the American Revolution this week, feel free to begin exploring the many Confederation resources that have been built on the TALONS Socials wiki over the past few years, and which we will be adding to throughout the spring.

This month, we will be continuing with an ongoing study of Canadian Confederation, expanding on the resources already available on the wiki site.

Notes & Discussions

Building a Nation – Final Exam Review Notes

The Road to Confederation Discussion Mindmap of Confederation 

Historical Voices – Confederation through primary sources

Fathers of Confederation. Members of the Quebec Conference, October, 1864.

Chapter Sections & TALONS ’10 Blog Posts

Colonial Government in British North America

Grievances against the British in Upper Canada

Grievances against the British in Lower Canada

Rebellions of 1837

The Durham Report