History, Eh?-Daniel

Over the course of the week, the TALONS have been diligently studying about earlyNorth America, from the 1800s on. On Wednesday, we were assigned to think abouta “question of inquiry” regarding this time period and research it. Today, we wrappedup the week with panel discussions where we got together in preselected groups anddiscussed any topics of our choice, ranging from the CPR to native opinions to changingthe very course of history itself.
My question of inquiry was “how would history be different, had Louis Riel not died?”As this was such an open-ended question, that gave me a lot of wiggle room to provideideas and opinions. Unfortunately, it also meant that I stayed up really late brainstormingideas!
Our panel discussions were actually a lot more fun than I imagined. It was relaxed, open-ended, and although most of the talking was done by yours truly, I enjoyed being able tosummarize all the thoughts that I had regarding my topic. That’s not to say that all paneldiscussions are strictly on one or two topics, however.
Along with the exciting panel discussions we had, Macguire, Alvin and Albert are alsoholding a garage sale tomorrow. Proceeds are going to our school in Ecuador. Todayat lunch time, they decided to have a “pre-sale” for their peers inside TALONS topurchase some things before the huge tide of people come. A green frog was very popularbeforehand, so they decided to auction it off. The starting bid was $1, but it turns out thatno one was actually interested, so I ended up getting a cool frog stuffy. However, out ofthe goodness of her heart, a classmate decided to pay for me. I owe you one, Kelsey!