Alumdepth 2013!


Because even when TALONS ends, it doesn’t really, you know… end. From grade eleven Clayton’s blog:

Myself and a few other Talons Alumni have decided that we miss doing in-depth projects, so now that the new semester is starting, I’m beginning my blogging.

As the other alumni referred to here begin to share their work, I’ll hope to keep you updated on their progress here. Thanks to Clay for keeping us in the loop on this new incarnation of the TALONS learning journey.

TED Talk: The Power of Vulnerability

[ted id=1042]

We watched the above Brene Brown TED talk a few years ago in TALONS to inspire the class’ writing  of their This I Believe essays (I heartily recommend you checking out the fruits of that unit’s labour here on the English wiki site). But I thought that Brene’s lesson here – that the vulnerability each of us feels about sharing elements of our true potential is a universal and necessary barrier to surmount – is especially applicable to both of the TALONS cohorts as we look ahead at the spring’s challenges.

With In-Depth Studies underway, an Adventure Trip on the horizon, and the rush of AprilMayJune quickly approaching, I think each member of the class community would benefit from reflecting on Brene’s thesis, here. Springtime in the TALONS classroom is a time centered around actualization, and to hear Ms. Brown tell it, engaging our own vulnerability may hold the key to not only individual success, but our collective triumph.

What do you think? Can we grow by continually trying to expand our ‘comfort zone’? Or is there another purpose to remaining vulnerable that Brene Brown (or I) might have overlooked?