Lucid Dreaming – Veronica

You know what’s all the rage lately?

Lucid dreaming.

Actually just kidding, most people seem to not know about it… Well that’s from my observations, because when I excitedly told my friends today that I was “attempting to lucid dream”, my response was usually a blank stare and then the infamous “wat”.

Anyways, if you are one of those people, I’ll tell you a bit about lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is basically when you know that you’re in a dream, and taking that knowledge further, you can manipulate your actions in the dream.

Sounds hard, right? Well, it’s the first step to like crazy dreaming tricks that you can do… and I’ve decided that I officially want to try lucid dreaming.

I actually first learned of lucid dreaming from my brother, but he was actually way off on the actual definition. He thought it was manipulating your dreams, period. “That’s impossible!” I thought. And so I searched it up (I love proving my brother wrong), and yeah… proved him wrong. But honestly, I’ve always been really interested in the whole dreams stuff. Like how the heck do dreams work? So I did some more research on the topic of lucid dreaming, and I thought, “hey! I can do that!”, so now I am religiously following Wikihow’s “How to Lucid Dream”. Link is there, for you guys who want to try too!

Oh, let me give you a background about my dreaming “abilities”. I know everybody’s different on the whole subconsciousness level stuff, but my dreaming capabilities are definitely up there in the top 50%, I’d say. I have really vivid dreams, and when I wake up, I find it really easy to recall most of the stuff in my dreams, or at least the big ideas. I usually have 2-4 different dreams per night, but most of the time I can’t remember all of them that well. It depends what sticks in my mind the most. And I noticed I have a tendency to dream about the things that are preoccupying my mind that day. For example, I have this math test coming up real soon, and I’ve been having dreams about the math test a lot (I know, lame dream… just kidding math rocks my socks). One last thing about my dreaming. I have a lot of dreams/nightmares where I know that I’m going to die, and like, of course I don’t want to die, right? So I have this ability to take myself out of the dream the second when I know I’m in trouble. It’s so cool. I basically realize, “oh wait, this is a dream!” and next thing you know my eyes are open and I’m catching my breath, very much awake. Cool stuff eh? That’s the main reason why I think I can effectively lucid dream. Because I already have the “power” to realize that I’m in a dream, the next thing I’m working on is actually being able to stay in that dream.

So the one thing I’m doing right now is keeping a dream diary. I started on Saturday, so I have a laughingly little amount of actual writing in it. And the bad thing is that I should probably get a diary with a lock, because uh, I kinda wouldn’t want my mom peeking at it :/. Anyways, I’ll show you my first two entries here!

Sunday April 3, 2011

– sang at Glen concert, forgot lyrics and w/ random asian kid

– Talons dressed up in cartoon dinosaur costumes at concert, dancing around.

– 2nd dream! kidnapped, have to do a talent show, whoever has the least amount of talent dies… This one was a lucid dream! I didn’t want to die (cuz I have no talent lolz) so I woke myself up

– 3rd dream! pizza w/ family, asked if they made congee

-4th dream! adventure trip type thing, zooming around in dirt buggies/carts/ATMs then went to this huge auditorium/gym and hung out w/friends in a fortune teller booth

Monday April 4, 2011

– @school in library, I was grade 11, I met new Talons kids

– went off campus with my friend, he was like “oh we don’t get to hang out much so wanna come here every week” and I was like “aww sure” but then I got hit by a car and died… and my dream point of view switched because I was already dead.. Oh by the way the same friend predicted my death by a car accident in grade 8, so I’m scared now.

– 2nd dream! Met The Purse Forum people, they didn’t know what patina was! *gasp*, and I warped into my parents’ car with my parents and my dog, and there was a random phone book somewhere… and I sewed a fake Chanel bag hmm.

So those are my 2 nights recorded so far! It’s kinda weird how I came close to/actually died both days… that’s depressing. Hopefully someone up there isn’t trying to tell me something. Anyways I will keep this dream diary to notice patterns in my dream. I think it’s super cool to read back on your dreams! By the way I dreamed about Talons both days too! That means you guys are special ha ha ha!

Essays, Remixes, and Radio Shows – Kelly

Digital Storytelling 106, or DS106 as it is more commonly referred to, is basically a world-wide course created out of the projects that Talons students already do.  Creating podcasts, radio shows, movies, and using various forms of multimedia are often subjects of projects in this course.

And, hopefully, this weekend a few of the Talons students will be featured on the DS106 radio station.

Mr. Jackson jokingly refers to the Talons class as ‘DS105’ because we basically do an amateur version of the course.  I find it really interesting that our work, from a small high school in an average town in British Columbia is going to be played on air along with the work of college students, and of professionals all over the world who have similar interests as us.

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to have my work played on the podcast I created with Veronica and Jonathan T.  The three of us, as well as Mr. J, have created remixes of the This I Believe Essays of our fellow students.  I am by no means literate when it comes to technology, so, even more than having my work out there in the world, I have learned a lot about sound editing and effects with music.

Stay tuned to the DS106 radio this weekend to hear the work of the Talons Class.

Click here to listen to Veronica’s first remix.

Click here to listen to Veronica’s second remix.

Click here to listen to Jonathan T’s remix.

Click here to listen to my remix.

Click here to visit the SoundCloud account of the Talons class, and to hear the This I Believe essay recordings.

Stay tuned next week for updates on students’ This I Believe Final Projects.