Good-bye from a Grade 10 – Andrew

The TALONS blog has been through some AMAZING things.  In the beginning, I thought the blog was just a bad idea.  There was no way it would work.  I remember going to a room with all my fellow Grade 10’s, a room where we had sweated blood and tears while studying for our Socials final.  A room with so many memories.  We brainstormed that day, but, just like all teen bands, we agonized more over the name than the content.  How foolish we were, to believe that the content would come easily.  But we knew it would be the name that would make us or break us.  The name would draw people in.  It needed to be catchy, something that described TALONS.  Something that fit our ideals, something that could apply to future generations, something that would stick in people’s minds.

I remember in September, when we started setting up the blog.  We created Youtube accounts, Skype, Flickr, Twitter, everything that we thought we would need.  We started our blog, debated the theme, added all the cool apps.  And then….nothing.  Nothing.  For 5 months, nothing happened.  Then, it was English 11 time.  Whispers started swirling, what had happened to the blog?  We pulled it back out, dusted it off, and resurrected it.  This time, we focused on the content.  We set up a schedule, set up editors, got it going.  And now, here we are, in June, coasting.  We’re publishing 3 times a week, and everyone is writing the best posts they can.  Everyone shares how they’re feeling.  Everyone shares what’s going on in their life.  It’s really taking off.

Next year, I’ll be excited to see how it goes.  Will the two classes be able to go right from the start and get the blog running right away?  Can they pick up where we left off?  I can see it in the future, we’ll buy our own domain, have hundreds of people every day visiting our site.  Search for stuff on Google, and ‘Defying Normality’ will be  the first link that pops up.  I feel proud that WE were the class that started this.

I guess it’s like TALONS.  We’re a funny group.  We’ll drag our heels, groan and complain, about everything.  Our homework, deadlines, tests, everything.  Yet, as much as we complain and procrastinate, we’ll get it done.  And we’ll get it done well.  We’ll get to that date, slap something together, and everything comes up roses.  We take a while to get going, but when we do, we can accomplish anything.

That’s what I love so much about TALONS.  Everyone’s got that quiet self-confidence about them.  We all believe that we can do it, and we all have the utmost faith in everyone else that they’ll complete the job.  We bond together, and rely on each other.  We know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.  We don’t just try and fill our Grade 10’s shoes, we fill them, outgrow them, go a size up, then, just to go that one step better, bought a couple more pairs.  Just because we’re TALONS.  We’re Grade 10s.  We consider it our duty to continue traditions, and start a couple new ones.  We continued some, like painting the individual boxes to represent our time in TALONS.  We started new ones, like the logo, or the song for the teachers.  We laughed a lot, cried a lot, learned a lot.  We came together as a group.  We did what we never believed we could do when we were in Grade 9.  We became Grade 10s.  And although there were many bumps along the way, we survived, and came out stronger than before.  We bonded, and I realized that I could rely on any one of the other 14 class members in my grade.  I’m proud of them, I’m proud of us, I’m proud of what we did.  And now, in just under a week, I’ll be a Grade 11.  A scary thought, a new challenge.  But I know that I can rely on my friends and classmates to support me in whatever I do.  Because, after all, isn’t that what TALONS is all about?

Whatever’s On Your Mind Wednesday! MUSIC – Derek

Well today is Whatever is on your mind Wednesday, well in my mind music is just swimming around! Whether it be my own music or my favorite artists BigBang, there’s always music in my mind! Practicing for concert band playing tests helps too!

In my opinion, some of the most enjoyable music is the sounds you produce/mix yourself. Have you ever made a cover? Have you ever just fooled around on an instrument and recorded it? Well let me tell you, it’s a ton of fun. I recently learned how to improvise a very “trippy” style of solo on the guitar.
You can take a look at it here, I also show you how exactly how to play it.

The genre I usually listen to is probably new to you.  It’s called Kpop, which stands for Korean Pop. I like their style of music and the use of different vocal styles. Here’s my favorite song: Love Song. They also have some of the best live performances around. Their concerts are all carefully choreographed to appeal to the audience. Some even going as far as making an entrance on a suspended piano (TaeYang) Once you get around the fact that it’s in a different language it’s actually makes for some good listening!  Kpop has a variety of artists, but is mainly controlled by several big names: SHINee, Super Junior, BigBang. Within these groups there are solo artists such as TaeYang and Seungri, they all have very successful solo tracks. Check them out on Youtube! They also have very unique hairstyles that just play a part in the show part of their performances.

Now you know a little more about the variety of music on earth and how diverse it can be!  You might think that Kpop isn’t popular in North America but BigBang’s album “Tonight” reached #6 in the United States! So give it a try!

Keep checking back for more blogs!