3… 2… 1… SPRING BREAK! – Nicholas

Well folks, its that time of year again. The one where 2:50 pm becomes a nightmare for teachers and last minute assignments are being hastily finished at lunch time, the one where “focus time” isn’t necessarily focused. Yes folks, a year has come and gone and once again it’s time for Spring Break!

Between the sharing of English  projects, the procrastination of planning assignments and a “practice” practice trip, this week in the TALONS room has certainly been a busy one. Personally, I think my  favorite part of the week was on Wednesday when we shared our final projects for the This I Believe unit in English. Many people chose some sort of audio remix,

while other chose to add some video or picture content to their projects.

We talk a lot in class about the “forming, storming, norming, performing” process of a group, and I think that this past week, especially with the English projects has been an amazing example of the group performing. We’re working as a tight knit group, helping each other out and producing amazing results. I would write more, but I believe I hear the joys of spring break calling my name.
-Nicholas K.

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