Hair and the Need for Fame – Alvin

“Most eleven year old girls are proud of full heads of hair. For Supatra Sasuphan of Bangkok, Thailand, however, that hasn’t until recently been the case. Sasuphan suffers (or benefits) from a genetic disorder that produces excessive hair growth on her back, legs, arms and – most noticeably – face”

This is an excerpt from an article where an 11 year old girl has a genetic disorder resulting in hair growing all over her body, even her face! Now, the article goes on to talk about how she got made fun of at school, being called names such as”monkey face”, and “wolf girl”. Basically, she wasn’t the “coolest” kid in the school. But, once she was named the “World’s Hairiest Girl”, she says that now she is the most popular girl in the school.

Wait, what?

The only difference between this girl being the most excluded person in the school and the most popular is fame. People are so obsessed with fame, and will do anything to get some, even if it means making fun of someone for as long as you knew them, and all of a sudden becoming her “bffl”, or her “bbg ♥”. I just think that is so wrong. I mean, it’s not like she would call them out and say “Hey! Aren’t you the kid that said I was related to Bigfoot?”, because she is so desperate for friends, or even have someone just talk to her. The instant she turns her back, people probably go back to talking about how she probably has birds living in her face or something.

They took advantage of the situation, and are probably reaping the rewards of hanging out with someone famous. Like I said before, I think that is wrong and those people should go grow their own facial hair, or go swallow some swords if they are so desperate for fame.

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