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Staying home sick can be taken in one of two ways. It may be considered a blessing. It gives you the opportunity to stay home and just unwind for a few days. Forget about all the troubles that you have been having at work or school, and you can just relax and get better. It may also seem to be a curse. You being forced to stay home and miss out on rare opportunities, or just not being able to keep up with your work load. Knowing that every day that you miss, you are going to have to make up. Well I have been sick for about five or so days now and still not feeling well. I first thought this to be a blessing. I thought, “Oh I can stay home from school one day, and catch up on some work that I am behind on.” After I quickly realized that I couldn’t move from my bed and would also be missing another two days of school, I found this to be a curse. But I came up with a few helpful tips to keep myself entertained, and partially sane while being locked up in my house for five days.

Tip #1: Sleep.

Most teenagers and adults don’t get enough sleep during the school week, especially teenagers. Consider this an opportunity to catch up on it so you’re not tired for when you finally to go back to your regular life, but also because it speeds up the healing processes for you feeling your best.

Tip #2: Movie/TV Marathons.

I was lucky enough to have movie marathons playing on TV a few of the days I was sick. On Saturday I watched How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, The Break Up, and Sex in the City. Now all of these movies are fairly long and with commercials it made them even longer. All together I probably watched TV for about eight hours straight. You can also catch up on that great TV show that you’ve been missing week after week. Great way to stay all curled up in bed to feel better, while being entertained.

P.S. This could also include your favourite YouTube channel, but for obvious reasons, will not last as long as movies or TV shows.

Tip #3: Apps, Apps, and More Apps.

This is something for all those people with smart phones, iPhones, and iPod Touches. I had just gotten a new phone so I started downloading ever app that looked slightly interesting to me. I would test it. If I liked it I would keep it, if not, I would uninstall it, simple as that. But it provided hours of entertainment just sitting there, trying games out.

Tip #4: Keep in Contact.

This is something we all need to remain sane. We need to be able to talk to people other than our family. Whether its texting, calling, or talking to someone over the computer it needs to be done. We need contact with our friends and talk to people with similar interests as us otherwise you will go loony.

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