IT’S EARTH DAY!!! -Jonathan Z.

So, yeah. Today’s Earth day. I guess you all know that now. It’s also Good Friday, but not everybody celebrates the day Jesus died. Moving on.

Since it’s Friday, I was supposed to do a post about our week, but…. the week lasted all of two days, so I guess there wouldn’t really be a lot to cover. So back to Earth Day!

Where do I stand for the whole Save-the-environment-thing? I’m all for it, as long as it’s within reason. Recycling? Sure. Limiting Waste? Definitely. Chaining yourself to a tree in front of a smoke-spewing bulldozer? Ehh…. Not so much. You have to admire the people who spend their life protecting the environment, though.

Although protestors don’t actually chain themselves to a tree (at least, not that I know of), they do take it upon themselves to protect trees in much, much cooler ways. Environmental enthusiasts have been taking the childhood joy of making a treehouse, and turning it into a literal home.

Tree-sitting, as it’s officially called (can this be considered official?), is basically setting up a home up in the trees. Your adoring fans (and very unamused policemen) watch, from 100 feet below, as you painstakingly climb up the tree, and begin building your cabin in the sky.

Some of the most amazing cases of tree sitting include:

  May 2006- 25 protesters who were against an urban extension of a town set up shop in the endangered trees for not 1, not 2, but 4 years! Eventually, they got what they wanted; in May 2010, the city counsel unanimously to stop the extension.

     February 1998- November 2003: These guys didn’t just set up one tree-sit; they set up a tree-village! They had everything from communications to toilets to hydroponic sprout farms! And yes, to this day, the trees there remain green and tall.

Don’t think that every tree-sit is successful; this one… might make you wince a bit.

2010: A group of protesters in Ukraine started to climb trees in order to stop the building of a road. It seems like the builders didn’t really care, though: they started cutting down the trees, while people were still on them!

So, yeah. Supporting Earth Day and the environment? Definitely. Climbing trees to stop logging? No. So, With that in mind….

Happy Green Day!

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