Revised TALONS RSS Blog Bundles

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After having realized that a few blogs from each grade weren’t syndicating with their classmates’ blogs, I started four new RSS feeds in Yahoo Pipes which now seem to have every TALONS blog coming through. I’m not sure if this was a problem with maximum capacity of Yahoo Pipes or another breakdown in the chain, but it seems to be remedied with the new configuration.

If you have been subscribing to the RSS feeds formally posted on this site, you will need to change your subscription to these new feeds, groups by grade and cohort. To subscribe, copy the ‘link location’ from each of the links below, and subscribe by adding to your content in a feed reader such as Feedly, or Flipboard.


PM Grade Ten Blogs

PM Grade Nine Blogs 


AM Grade Ten Blogs

AM Grade Nine Blogs 


As of now, the comment bundle for the grade tens seems to be functioning correctly. Here is the address once again, however: Grade Ten Comment Bundle.

The grade nine comment feeds had to be separated, unfortunately, for them all to come through. Here are those links:

PM Grade Nine Comments

AM Grade Nine Comments

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