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The symphony of science is a series of musical videos. Each one revolves around a single important topic such as the brain or space exploration. Instead of normal song lyrics, each line is an autotuned quotes sung by Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, Bill Nye, or one of many others.

The series is being made by John Bosswell and several supporters. His goal is to bring scientific interest to the public in a completely new way.  The songs provide both meaningful information and philosophy as well as an enjoyable music experience.

I personally like the songs because they are very different. Its hard to find anything like them.

The great thing about the series is that they appeal to a much larger audience than the scientific presentations normally would. While not that many people would sit through multiple hour speeches, listening to one of the songs outlines the topic and can inspire the listener to learn more. The quotes sound poetic and profound, something science rarely does. Even if it doesn’t teach too much just through the songs, it starts people thinking about things they wouldn’t have thought about before.

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  1. Quirien Mulder ten Kate

    Thanks, Toren. Never heard these videos/ songs before. Another way to make science more engaging and informative. They insert some good concepts. Are their songs that cover just one smaller topic in more depth?

    Your science teacher,

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