The great TALONS debate – Immy

Way back in November 2010 both the morning and afternoon TALONS classes got together and had a “town hall meeting”. There was to be a plot of land in Maple Ridge, BC sold to whichever quad made the best argument for their company or identity. Closer to the beginning of the year, us TALONS had gone on a fieldtrip to this exact woodlot! We had an awesome guide take us around the woodlot to learn about trees, wildlife, and the logging industry in the area. It was also incredibly helpful information because we were studying biology at the time! It was mentioned that the BCIT lease on the land was expiring and was to be sold. It was our assignment to argue who gets the land.

TALONS were split into these groups:

Counsel members (voters)



-Ministry of Forests

-Department of fisheries

-Wildlife biologists

-Paper/Pulp industry

-Neighboring owners

-First Nations

-BCIT woodlot owner

-Developer/real estate

-Alouette Field Naturalists

– Judge (Olga, a former TALONS)

After nearly an hour of heated debate, it was decided that the woodlot was to be developed. Here’s a little video/slide show I made on the town hall meeting that was recorded using Mr.Jackson’s Iphone (might want to turn up the volume):


PS: We have an awesome new Talons youtube account that we’ll be uploading videos on in the future!

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