Time To Rewrite My Speech… Clayton

Over the past 2 days, the grade 9’s have been presenting their speeches. In all honesty I’m quite disappointed.

In myself, that is. My speech, as a grade 10, comes nowhere near the bar that the grade 9’s have set. The bar has been set high. The speeches that we’ve heard over the past 3 blocks of english class weren’t just ordinary. They weren’t just amazing. There are no words that can describe how amazing the grade 9’s speeches were. We had moments from laughing about an old man cursing the postal system to the silence of mourning death and everything in-between. This brings me extreme joy, but at the same time, extreme disappointment.
This year TALONS is an amazing class. Especially the grade 9’s. If they can produce work this amazing within the first 9 weeks of TALONS, just think what they’ll be able to create later in the year, or even in the rest of highschool. I have extremely high hopes for the grade 9’s, and I already know that they’ll go above and beyond, just as they’ve shown us.
At the same time, I’m extremely disappointed that I’m going to have to write my speech again to follow the amazing work of these amazing people.
I better get back to writing…

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