Tips on How to Stay Awake at the Opera -Sean

This past Tuesday, the TALONS class went downtown for a cultural event of Vancouver Opera’s Romeo et Juliette. We visited the mind-blowing backstage of the theatre, had lovely Greek food for dinner, and then watched the 150+ year old opera. Here’s an interesting thought from a typical tired teenager:

On Tuesday, many students from the Talons class attended the Opera of Romeo and Juliet. I was quite drowsy during the show and apparently so were a lot of my peers.

The reality is that nobody really wants to fall asleep at the Opera because for one, they don’t want to miss the show, and secondly its just plain rude .

After hearing that I wasn’t the only one with problems staying awake during the show, I decided to compose this list with the help of other Talons students:

Here are 25 ways to stay awake at the Opera:

  • Stare into a light on the stage
  • Get a good sleep the night before
  • Actually enjoy the Opera
  • Pinch yourself
  • Sit in front of a coughing old man
  • Drink Coffee
  • Have a song in your head
  • Have a conversation with yourself over text
  • Play drums with your hands and feet
  • Panic about something
  • Buy a bag of mints and eat them one by one
  • Count the lines on the palm of your hand
  • Play rock paper scissors with yourself
  • Play chopsticks with yourself
  • Watch the Opera upside down
  • Count the seats in the theatre
  • Slap yourself in the face
  • Sing along to the music
  • Tape your eyes open
  • Write on your hand
  • Drink Water
  • Don’t eat anything before the Opera, so you are hungry
  • Craft 1000 paper cranes
  • Continuously tie and untie your shoes
  • Think of ways to stay awake

This is a collaborative list, feel free to give ideas to add to it!


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