A Charismatic Guide to Acing the Eminent Person Blog Post

We’re now in the October phase of Talons and lets face it, life sucks. Homework is being dished out in larger masses than a Chinese buffet, but here’s the perfect break in the action, Eminent Person!  The only reasonable excuse in the books to drop everything and actually do something fun!  The first step in initiating the redemption of your social life is to make it look like you are actually using this immense time to some extent. That’s where the introductory blog post comes in.

Here’s a list of keener people that successfully traded in their lives for an extraordinary blog post:

Chelsea’s post on Mabel Stark

  • Layout
  • Engaging opening, especially when it has a photo of a woman with tigers

Zoe’s post on Alan Turing

  • Voice, character, and charisma
  • Personal connections to the Eminent Person

Johnny Z’s post on Galileo

  • Voice and free use of opinion
  • Ample justification
  • Organization of the info and paragrphs

Clay’s post on Orville Wright

  • You can tell right away; Clayton is talking to you
  • Use of whitespace and integration with images

Tyler’s post on Willard Boyle

  • Tyler, we can hear your voice. And we can tell you were interested.
  • Great energy throughout the post

Conrad’s post on Usain Bolt

  • Effective introduction by using quotations
  • Plentiful use of media/images

Louise’s post on Emily Carr

  • Effective use of images
  • Natural flow of to the post

Your voice is what we want to hear. Through a single blog post, we can tell who you are and what you’re passionate about. Don’t be afraid to show yourself, and tell us why you are compelled to study your eminent person. And when you’re finished writing the blogpost, give yourself a pat on the back and go press “publish”.

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