A Tale of Gingers – Chelsea

Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental and was not intended by the author.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a beautiful princess with long blond hair born unto a great king and queen. Her name was Torena I, and she was adored by all the kingdom for her sweetness and incredible beauty. There was, however, one who was not fond of the baby princess. It was a demon of darkness that was jealous of the happiness that the baby brought to the kingdom. So, one starry night, the demon stole into the castle of the king and queen and into the chamber of the little princess where she lay asleep in her beribboned cradle. He snatched the princess from her chamber and took her back to his home, where he locked her in a tower to never see her kingdom again.

Torena the first was too young to understand what had happened, but as she grew, she began to  realize that the stories of the demon who claimed to be her great aunt could not possibly be true. She longed to see her real parents again, and spend time in the sunlight, and see her kingdom. She spent great amounts of time devising ways to escape her tower, but none ever succeeded.

The devil had noticed that his demon was not committing large evil deeds, and came to visit the home of the demon to find out what was going on. Upon arrival, he found Princess Torena locked in her tower and went up to visit her.

“Who did this to you?” he asked.

“The demon!” she said. “Please, free me! I’ll do anything!”

The devil came up with a plan. “Promise me your soul,” he said. “Give it to me and I will set you free.”

Princess Torena agreed immediately, anything to be free of her tower prison. The devil smiled and reached out his hand. He claimed her soul and with it left the colour of her golden hair. The flaxen locks faded to a soft amber. Princess Torena was shocked, but realized that now she was free. She fled her
tower and ran off into the horizon and back to her kingdom where she was reunited with her parents, fell in love with a handsome prince, cured cancer and bought a pony. All of her children were born with hair matching their mothers’, and all of their children the same. And thus, gingers were created.

….in the year 2057, gingers went on to dominate the world. You have been warned.

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