Are Newspapers Dying Out? – Michelle

AWith social media, online news websites, televised newscasts the wonderful world of Google, are traditional newspapers dying out? After all, you can get the above for absolutely free, and they are much more up to date than newspapers are.  You don’t see breaking news in a newspaper.  The internet is more portable with the invention of smart phones and it is possible to “read” your smartphone in the rain, unlike newspapers.   Daily, I see elderly people on the bus reading the paper.  Newspapers are sold all around Vancouver in little stands and are even handed out free on some transit lines.  Unfortunately, I can’t say I ever read newspapers.  My family gets two local papers twice a week, and they go straight from the front step to the recycling bin. My grandma often fishes them out to read them, but my brother, mom and I never do.  The only use I have for newspaper is spreading it out on the table when I carve pumpkins, do an art project, or clean my hamsters cage. I personally don’t believe newspapers are dying out, but they are certainly not used by our generation, which is a shame because there is so much information in them.  Next time I get a local paper, I’m going to read the whole thing. I challenge you to do the same.

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