Balance and Opportunity

When you look at this picture, what do you see?

A child balancing on the seemingly abandoned train tracks

A train screaming through the air

Danger just moments ahead

Or perhaps you see a child enjoying himself

Jumping and running across the train tracks

Confident that he will never get hit by a coming train

Either way, the train tracks represent two things, Balance and Opportunity.

When you see  the abandoned train tracks, you are given the Opportunity to play on them, however you can only stay on the train tracks for a certain amount of time, and so you have to keep Balance or else that Opportunity could become your worst nightmare.


Thanks random person for this awesome photo: Source

by: Steven Mcculloch, Emily Boyco, Vincent Badenhorst, Victoria Melo

Who did we interview?: Claudia Kraemer, Veronica Wu

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  1. Looks great, guys (half-metaphorically speaking)! Love the corresponding image and what you’ve done with the text to add some punch to the text.

    Do you think you could edit the post to include reference and link to the original photo and its author?

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