Canadian Northwest Politics and Policing in the 1800s Podcast

Today, people from around the world and in our country recognize Canada through many of her symbols and much of her history. These range from our Royal Canadian Mounted Police to our peacekeeping past, our unique cultures to our vast lands. But what role did these defining elements of Canada’s past do to advance our nation? Our country, since Confederation, has driven expansion into the Northwest from the East-this is where a new country would be shaped. Three hosts, Owen, Bronwyn, and Sean, explain what happened in the Canadian Northwest from the birth of a new country in the 1800s.



In our first Act, we discuss Canada  from Confederation and Rupert’s Land. As well, we discuss the fur trade, the Metis, and the Hudson Bay Company.

In our second Act, we go into Canada’s wants and needs, settlers, Riel and the Red River Rebellion, the HBC monopoly and its fall, as well as the establishment of the North-West Mounted Police in addition to the Canadian militia

In our final act, we conclude with the Manitoba Act and the NorthWest Rebellion, Riel’s fate, and ask how it could have gone differently; also, we discuss questions that remain to be answered.


This Podcast was recorded with the Audacity program and edited with Garageband 3. All sound effects and music files are found in Garageband’s loops collection.

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