Designer Lables: Why Do People Care? – Christina

Designer Labels. You’ve probably heard of them. Armani, Louis Vuitton, and Prada to name a few. Simply owning a designer label product seems to emanate wealth, power and superiority.

But have you ever wondered why this article of clothing differs itself from all the others?

Most will say the design. There’s something more cutting edge that makes it better. Some will say that brand names don’t matter, so why do we continue to buy them?

The answer is: the name does matter! Even if it’s subconscious, scientific studies have proven that wearing an article of clothing with a brand name logo upon it makes you more professional and likeable. For example, a study conducted in the Netherlands proved that people in clothing with a logo appeared more sophisticated and suitable for a job to volunteers. Not only that, but they were also more likely to be offered a higher salary.

And that’s not a fluke – many other experiments were done. Ratings got higher with a more expensive logo, a 39% increase in people agreeing to take part in a survey when the surveyor adorned a Tommy Hilfiger shirt, and people even donated to charities more.

But that leaves us with the question – what is it about the designer name that makes it so sophisticated, qualified and likeable? The same experimenters, Rob Nelissen and Marijn Meijers, suspected that it was the subconscious feeling that that person could afford such an expensive brand, said person is successful enough to afford such quality clothing.

To prove this, volunteers in the following experiment felt no difference when they were approached by a man with a designer label shirt and a man without. Why is this? Because the volunteers knew that the man was given the shirt by testers and therefore does not necessarily have the money to buy the brand and therefore the subconscious feeling is gone.

So maybe next time you go to an interview, fundraising for a charity, or any other activity that involves winning people over, consider spending a little extra on a designer label. Even if you consider yourself and your peers better than that, because you never know what’s going on in your subconscious.

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