Enjoy Life Instead of Over-thinking it


Don’t over-think life; enjoy it while you can.

Yesterday, our quad interviewed two different people: Lisa Patrong and Todd Conaway. From them, we took away ideas of happiness and living life while you are still able to. We learned that it is possible to be happy anywhere, as long as you embrace life, and that while you may not always travel down the road you expect to, go with the flow, enjoy it while you can, and everything will happen in a way that was meant to be.  The picture came from our recent TALONS retreat, and that was a time where we all relaxed, away from technology, and enjoyed the beauty of BC.

-Diane, Sean H., Raymond, and Sam F.

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  1. It was great to be there with you and thank you for the chance to participate. “Embrace life!” Ok, I will!

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