Fluffy White Rabbits – Raiya

For science, we were asked to create and conduct our own experiments. I’m not sure of the exact details of Zoe’s experiment, but basically she selected 3 different pieces of music, and had us free-write for 6 minutes while listening to each song. She also chose topics for the free-writes – trees, fish, and clouds.

I read over my free-write about clouds after emailing it to Zoe – and realized I actually liked the message in it. Actually, it almost sounded like a This I Believe essay. I edited the free-write, and this is what I ended up with:

“When I was in kindergarten, clouds represented shapes. I could make out the shapes of bunnies, people, and other objects. There were always new shapes – because the clouds were constantly moving and changing.

In grade 5 we learned about clouds in science, and they held a new meaning for me. They were no longer the abstract pictures; they now meant something. For instance, I knew about the various kinds of clouds, and how they were formed. When I looked out the window, I tried to identify each of these types of clouds. I no longer looked for interesting pictures. I was no longer using my imagination.

Of course there were days when I tried to use my imagination. There were days when I was successful, and days when I failed. For years the first idea that popped into my head when I looked up at the sky was “What cloud is that?” That idea saddened me, I felt like I was losing my inner child.

I don’t think I ever did lose my child-self though. Maybe I just know more about her now. As I grew, so did the meaning of the clouds. As I learnt more about myself, I also learnt more about the clouds. There are days when I can identify the clouds, days when I can explain why they are formed – and then there are days when I still see fluffy white rabbits floating in the sky.”

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