Forgetfulness – Anthony

Don’t you just hate it when you leave home and double check to make sure you didn’t forget anything, only to realize at school ten minutes later that you did forget something. Yeah. Or when you go to a room for a very specific purpose, and when you get to the room forget why you’re there? How about when you are lying in bed, get a great idea, and don’t want to get up, so you say to yourself you will remember in the morning… Then you don’t? Forgetfulness is the age-old activity that is hilarious when it happens to someone else, but sucks when it happens to you.

People say you forget easier the older you get, you do. The best way to counter this is to do lots of mind puzzles when you are young. Learning a language also helps. When you get old, diseases come too, things like dementia. With dementia you start forgetting everything, simple things like how to make your bed. It also takes out your past, forgetting family members and friends. The worst part about dementia is you can’t fix it. Like I said earlier, doing puzzles and learning languages help.

Forgetting comes down to remembering, if you think you won’t forget something, you probably won’t. If you don’t think you will forget something, find a way to remember it. Below are strategies for remembering small things, a lot of them come down to common sense.

1. Make a note

2. Put something out of place so when you see it you think of why it is there

3. Come up with a song for the sentence and get it stuck in your head

4. Say the word/sentence 20 times

5. Think of an everyday item that is similar to what you are thinking and connect those two things in your head so when you see it you remember

6. Relate what you are thinking of to a spot in the room you’re in so when you’re in the room again you remember

7. Come up with more strategies

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