It’s that time of year again! In Depth Studies Role around the corner

After a refreshing winter break our TALONS classroom has begun to heat up again. Amidst all the Science and English our annual in depth studies have crept up on us.

For those of you who haven’t heard of this before, in-depth is a study that all the students in TALONS perform on a topic of their choice. It’s a chance for students in our class to explore and learn something that they either haven’t had the time to or hadn’t thought of before. Here are some examples from last year:

Vegetable Carving


Making A Portable X-Box

… And a whole lot more!

The idea is that you can pursue anything you want and the trick to a successful in-depth study is picking an engaging topic that is relevant and can hold your interest. Other than bi-weekly blog posts about our progress, we are required to be autonomous learners to conduct a successful in-depth studyLater in the year, TALONS will be holding a showcase of all the various skills different people have developed! There is traditionally live performances of studies, and displays at which the various learning stages are shown. You can find out more about our studies this year by visiting the “About Us” page where there are links to all of our personal blogs!

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