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Truancy, more commonly known as school skipping, is something all kids know about. If you’re like me and love random facts, well then good news everyone! I’m going to list a couple of random facts about skipping school courtesy of Wikipedia. If you don’t like random facts, well then sorry, I’m going to do it anyways!

  1. Skipping school has different slang names in different places around the world. For instance, in Australia it’s known as wagging, In England and India it’s known as skiving, here in Canada and the US it can be known as ditching, hookey, jigging, and sluffing (although I have no idea who uses the last three terms here, I certainly haven’t heard anyone say that.)
  2. Punishments of school skipping include petty things such as detention all the way to fines up to $5000 in the US.
  3.  In Poland, March 21st is a popular day for the entire student body to skip school.

Now for the actual topic of this blog post, skipping school, yay or nay?

The plus sides of skipping school, depending on how cool your parents are, is that you’re able to go anywhere you want, do anything you want, and if you’re extremely convincing, hang out with anyone you want. You can watch a movie, swim at the beach, or stay at home playing video games for the whole day… Although I don’t know why you’d skip school for that. When you skip school, the possibilities of activities you can do are endless!

The downsides of skipping school are, to me, a lot more serious and plentiful. Although I find myself taking the pessimistic side to everything so I may be biased. While skipping school, you miss (total keener comments here) valuable class time that you could’ve used to finish a giant project or study for a test, you miss out on the oh so wonderful lessons your teacher provides you so that you can understand the subject and pass the course, and you’re not able to spend time with your friends who decided not to skip school. Not only that, but if your parents are completely against skipping school (like mine….) then you can expect a giant lecture in which you may or may not survive when you get home from whatever misadventures you participate in whilst skipping school.  If you choose to skip school, the punishments you can suffer are endless!

That being said, I personally haven’t skipped school myself, so all the pros and cons I gave are completely based of common sense and in-depth, who am I kidding, minimal research. Personally, I’d pass on skipping school. My pessimistic mind will keep me from enjoying the day and instead dreading the parental rage and homework catching up I’d have to endure. What say you?


  1. Personally, I suppose I skip a fair bit of school. We’re about 3 months in and I have most likely missed around 7 days total. I have a 92% average and actually enjoy school. I’m in 6 different clubs, I participate in an advisory council for our chief superintendant of the school board (15 of us total), and I am on the debate team. The reason I skip is simple; sometimes I need the day to study if I don’t feel comfortable enough with the subject, finish up some homework or read and learn on my own if I feel I need the day. I’m definitely an independant learner and I feel that I struggle under the current school system. I truly believe that schools should cater to the students, not the other way around. But then again, I am likely a minority.

  2. I skip school nearly once a week – the last two classes on a Tuesday. My parents are not down with skipping, and I got caught last year, but I couldn’t help repeating. I miss PE every week, essentially, so that I can watch tv for an hour before going an extra class after school, in a different school, as an extra subject. I sign out, so my school doesn’t realise, so I don’t think it’s that bad.
    Nearly my entire year leaves early on a Tuesday, because they’re only missing PE.

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