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Strange Fruits(Pictures to Come)

The fruits we eat on a daily basis are not really that interesting. Apples, bananas, oranges, and pears, we probably have all eaten more than we could count. Of course there are the more tropical ones, such as pineapples or mangos as well that I’d say are pretty well known. But I could only remember eating one kind of strange fruit (or at least what the internet refers to as a strange fruit) recently. In my opinion, to be a “strange fruit” the fruit just has to look, and possibly taste, bizarre. Weird shapes and bright colours are great attributes for strange fruits.

Some of the strangest fruit I could find are:

1.  Dragon Fruit or Pitaya

I had some Dragon Fruit not too long ago and it was quite delightful. It has a sweet taste, although not very strong. It is really too bad that Dragon Fruit, or Pitaya, is uncommon where I live because it does not only look cool and taste good, it is also extremely nutritious. Pitaya is high in fiber, minerals, and Vitamin C. Eating this fruit improves digestion, eye sight, and will enhance your metabolism.

2.  Yangmei

Originally from Southeast Asia, this fruit can be either sweet or sour. Although considerable less well known, yangmei fruit is similar to a strawberry texture and flavour. Yangmei is also very high in Vitamin C and will replenish the soil where it is grown.

3.  Noni Fruit

Apart from looking abnormal this fruit has a couple other interesting distinctive qualities. Noni Fruit has a pungent aroma and doesn’t taste very nice. In fact it tastes more like medicine, which isn’t so surprising since it has medicinal properties and can cure certain diseases.

4.  Horned Melon or Kiwano

The Horned Melon, also called Kiwano, resembles a papaya in size and shape. When picked green the Kiwano has a flavour like lemon and banana mixed together. However when it is ripe, Kiwano is said to taste more similar to cucumbers. The Horned Melon is commonly used as a decoration as well as eaten.

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