Talking to the Talons Masks – Aman

People often say masks are used for protection, as disguises, even for entertainment but we’re different. Our creatively painted faces represent their hopes and dreams. We carry the obstacles they will face to reach their final destination to remind them that there will be challenges. We’re the type of masks that reveal someone’s true intentions. We were constructed by our masters, our benders; for they know what they want in life and they had to look deep within themselves to find the answers. They bend their destiny to their will, they create their life. Nothing is ever written in stone. Even though they shared their hopes and dreams with us, we can easily be destroyed along with their ideas. Sometimes we’re replaced, sometimes we’re not. It depends on if someone decided to change their path or not.

We are symbols of what they want. Once they paint us they have a constant reminder of their goal. We’re always there to encourage them and let them know that they’re not alone. Once they make us we’re connected. Throughout their journey we’ll help them create their destiny. Once they produce us, we’re forever implanted within them unless their dreams change. We’ll help them in any way we can, but in the end it’s them that take the steps to reach their ultimate dream.

Using us they let vibrant colours and weary shades bring their dreams alive and into picture form. As well as using quotes and words that are meaningful. Everything on us will show you their true selves. Colours, pictures, and words can really tell you what kind of person is wearing a particular mask.

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