TALONRSS – The New RSS Feed Reader for TALONS

We were all devastated with the discontinuation of Google Reader, but now, we are announcing a new and innovative way to keep up with your favourite gifted students.

TALONRSS (pronounced ‘talonerssssss’) is a platform that allows you to view everything the TALONS are up to.

Not only will you get updates from their edublogs, but we are also announcing automatic following of:

Facebook status updates AND posts from the TALONS Facebook group!











Tumblr posts!


YouTube comments!


and last but not least… Google searches!


What’s not to look forward to? Our production team is working tirelessly to release the beta of TALONRSS to the public. Our estimated release date is April 2031. See you in 18 years!

(Happy April Fool’s Day!)

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